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    Coming back from surgery

    Hi All - I haven’t ridden since February of this year, as I have been tending to health issues and am healing nicely. Anyway, I’ve had my S10 slumbering since that time and I live in SoCal, so I didn’t winterize it or anything like that. As I’ve now been given approval for short rides, I’m...
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    SW Motech crash bars installation.

    Hi All - Has anyone installed the SW Motech crash bars? I did OK with the right side installation, but it seems to me like the left side crash bars were not specked properly for the bolt holes. I managed to muscle it on, but I was wondering if anybody else has the same problem installing the...
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    Newbie questions regarding the mechanical workings of Motion Pro 08-0143 Hydraulic Brake Bleeder

    Hi Gang- In the hopes that this tool will make my arthritic hands not have to do so many things at once when bleeding the brakes, I'd like to understand the mechanical workings of the Motion pro 08-0143 Hydraulic Brake Bleeder a little better so that I don't introduce a lot of air into my brake...
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    Front brake doesn’t feel right since changing front tire

    Hi All - I was changing out my front tire and followed the procedure of removing the right brake caliper in order to remove the tire. Everything went OK (or so I thought) until after I reinstalled the tire. I made sure that the rotor on the left side of the wheel went in between the brake...
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    Tire buffers?

    I know that there's plenty of threads about tires, but I would like to get people's opinions and advice about patching a tire. So far, I've not been very good at applying the inner patch to a tire. And this is a perfect scenario of a small hole in the center tread of a tire, NOT near the...
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    The most precious commodity of all--patience

    I didn't get into motorcycling until my early 40s. While it's posed a lot of disadvantages in terms of riding skills, waiting so long--at least for me--was the right decision. I was far too emotionally immature in my 30s to have so much power in my hands and am pretty sure that I wouldn't be...
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    Need a good mechanic in orange county California

    It’s time for a valve check and possible adjustment. Can anybody recommend a good mechanic for my beloved S10 in the Orange County California area?
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    Brake pad mileage

    Hi Gang - I read many articles posted by members here who say they change their brake pads at 20,000 miles or less. Yet on my bike, my front pads are measuring between 3 and 4 mm and have plenty of "meat" on them at 27,000 miles. And when I visually compare them to new pads, the wear is at...
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    Headlight bulb holder - solved

    Ok, this is my first time doing this, so please talk to me like I’m a first grader. I cannot unhook the headlight bulb holder so that I can replace my headlight bulb. How do I do this? Pictures are appreciated since I clearly can’t just read and figure it out from my owners manual.
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    Spoke weights

    Hi All - Do spoke weights work well for the S10 rear wheel? I have noticed that the spokes on the rear wheel come in at a sharper angle to the wheel rim than the front wheel and was concerned that spoke weights might not work because of it? Or should I try that Ride-On tire sealant which is...
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    OK, maybe I'm being paranoid..

    One of my recent posts describe how I somehow fumbled my way into changing my rear tire. All seems well, but I hear a noise at around 50-60 mph that sounds like wind blowing across a coke bottle. I'm hoping it's just the tread, but could I have done something to the drive shaft when I put the...
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    Rubber dampers in rear tire

    So, this last weekend was my first attempt at replacing the rear tire. It was agony, but I *think* I was successful. The rubber wedge shaped dampers fell out as I removed the rear tire from the shaft, and I wasn’t entirely sure how to put them back in. I reasoned that the little rubber strips...
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    final drive leak

    Hi Guys and Gals - I've developed a leak around the rear wheel axle nut (see attached pic). Is this an easy fix? What should be fixed? Lastly, are there any videos to assist my repair-addled brain? All the best, Wheelin
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    Spark plug change

    Ok, I finally managed to hook the air filter case back to the rubber hose at the bottom of the case. That was the biggest pain in the arse that I’ve encountered in quite a while. I’m curious to know if anyone has come up with an easy way to do it or some special tool. I had to do it by hooking...
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    throttle body sync

    Well, boys and girls, I really screwed the pooch on my TB sync. Tried a digisync, tried a twinmax, etc. (Nope, I don't have the fabled Harmonizer and probably never will.) I tried turning the left throttle body screw to zero things out, using the right screw as a reference....nothing doing...
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    WTB: Harmonizer carb/throttle body sync tool

    I know that I have a better chance at spotting a flying elephant than one of these tools, especially as the inventor has passed away… (RIP), but if anyone has one of these for sale, I’m interested.
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    So I sent my seat in to Russell Day Long

    ...and until I get my seat back, I’m stuck in a cage, turning my motorcycle commute of 1 hour into 2 hours. Anybody have some creative ideas on how I can ride my bike without a saddle for a couple weeks and therefore reclaim a few frazzled threads of sanity? ::010::
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    best motorcycle tire pump?

    Hi - I don't know if this is the correct thread to post this, but I'm not having much luck pumping up my tires with a traditional floor bicycle pump. The spokes get in the way of me flipping the pump's air connector to the tire's air valve, particularly on the rear wheel. Does anyone have...
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    DVD maintenance video?

    If any of you are former BMW GS owners, then I'm thinking that you might know about Jim von Baden's DVD maintenance video that he puts out for the various years of the R1200 GS. Does anybody know if there is an equivalent DVD maintenance video for the S10 out there. And yes, I know that the S10...
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    Needing some advice on a potential sale that sounds too good to be true

    I'm looking at a Super Tenere because I want to sell my high mileage BMW R12GS before real big mechanical problems start cropping up, because that's what these bikes are infamous for. It's a 2016 60th anniversary standard Super Tenere with only 450 miles on the odometer, and it's never been...