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    Riding Fittness

    I've recently just had the first ride of the season on my Blade, had this bike for 21 years from new and it's always great to reaquiant with an old friend. However, it's usually a bit of a shock to the body after riding an upright bike for a few months over the winter but this year was much...
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    I Don't Believe It

    A few months ago I booked a weeks break in Gran Canaria, set off Saturday and all was well, the flight was going well too until 20 mins out from GC...the pilot said the airport was closed due to bad vis We were diverted to Tenerife and ended up sat in the plane for 4 more hours and then sent...
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    The Goretex works

    On my last trip the left Sidi Adventure Goretex boot leaked on two separate occasions in heavy rain, they were 3yrs and 10 mths old, undamaged and should not have leaked imho. Goretex claim a "lifetime guarantee" to keep you dry so I shot a email off to Goretex, they requested photo's, then...
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    ES Shock Low Gas Pressure

    On my last trip I felt the back end was becoming even softer and a bit lower, also a post in the "re spring shock thread" saying that someones gas pressure was low caught my eye so I ordered a £10 nitrogen needle from flea bay and with a MTB shock pump measured the pressure. It was approximately...
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    ES Fork Cap Dissassembly

    I am looking to soften the compression damping on my forks, it appears that the left fork has all the compression damping and the right fork all the rebound damping. I recently took the left fork apart expecting to find the usual compression valve at the bottom of the cartridge but there was...
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    ES Damping values for Front and Rear

    Can anyone help ? I am curious to know how the damping varies front to rear on the ES for the different settings we have. I have the graph of the Damping Adjustment Range for all the different preload settings but it does not show the individual settings for front comp, front rebound and rear...
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    Twenty Today

    Little did I know I would still have this (and be able to ride it) twenty years later. Taken on the day A more recent one, almost 70K miles later Hope we get twenty more.
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    Spain Again

    Just starting what will hopefully be a round trip of Spain, I did this trip s few years ago on the third attempt. A deer knocked me off the first time...broken ankel, food poisoning got me the second time (from Venison stew !!) and had to have 5 days in hospital but success the third time. The...
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    Engine Warning Light Stays On

    Help please. Bike 2018 ZE model with 1100 miles on the clock As above, the engine warning light stays on, but the bike runs fine and everything works as it should. Have done a 70 mile ride but no change. I was adding some aux lights and worked on the bike with it on the centre stand and...
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    Pelican Case Mounting Height

    I've just fitted a set of Hepco & Becker pannier racks for my Pelican cases which work fine and are level with the top of the seat ( rack is new but the cases were from my Versys 650), but was thinking of lowering the case mounting points around 100mm (4"0) to A lower the centre of gravity a...
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    CrossPro Crashbars

    Has anyone heard of or used products from CrossPro Performance Parts, apparently they are based in Portugal, as I'm looking for a set for light to medium duty use ...
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    Triple Clamp Torque

    I'm planning on fitting some neoprene fork gators so need to remove the forks, has anyone got the triple clamp torque values please ? In recent years I've been able to download a workshop manual, usually from the forum, gratis ......but the search button seems to indicate otherwise. I will no...
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    Another Imminent Owner

    Greetings form West Wales in the sunny UK ??? Later this week I'll be collecting a pre reg zero mile 18 ZE model, had a test ride on a normal one at the weekend and was smitten. My bikes in recent years have been a Versys 1000, two Versys 650's, CB1300S, XT660R plus others along side my old...