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  1. Scoop47501

    Cataract Surgery

    Just finished cataract surgery a few days ago. I had the Panoptics IOL lens implanted and wondered if anyone else has had a trifocal lens implanted and your thoughts on them. I had my left eye done nearly four weeks ago and can see very well out to about 100 feet then things are slightly out of...
  2. Scoop47501

    I'm now a Geezer

    Wife decided she was done riding her own bike ( Honda CTX700N )so we traded it off on a 2018 Goldwing DCT. I'm an official Geezer now. So far the bike is pretty cool and has more features and gadgets than I ever had on a bike. Kept the Tenere though so there is still hope for me :)
  3. Scoop47501

    High Speed Rear Tire Deflate

    I have about 150,000 miles on motorcycles but have not had this happen before so I want to share. Posting this to help others that have not experienced this yet. While on a tip from Indiana to North Carolina I had a puncture in my rear Shinko 705 rear tire while south bound from Owensboro...
  4. Scoop47501

    Blue 2012 Tenere For Sale No Longer For Sale

    Putting my 2012 Tenere up for sale along with my 2013 FJR. I will keep the one that does not sell first. The Tenere has 34,285 miles and counting. Add ons include MRA windshield Yamaha engine guards Altrider skid plate Caribou side cases Located in Washington, Indiana The FJR Sold so I...
  5. Scoop47501

    Deep Sea Fishing in the Destin, Fl Area

    Done the Bing thing and there are so many choices so I thought I would throw this out here and see what bites. I want to do a private charter for my wife's birthday around the end of March and fish for whatever bites as we have never been before. I don't mind spending some coin for the private...
  6. Scoop47501

    Tulip Trestle

    Took a short trip to find this old trestle near Bloomfield , Indiana. Build in 1906 and still active today. Stands about 140 feet tall at it's highest point and over one half mile long. The largest in the country and 3rd largest in the world I thought it was pretty cool.
  7. Scoop47501

    Shoei J Cruise

    For those of you like my wife that just can't wear a full face helmet I thought I would share a little info about the new Shoei J Cruise 3/4 helmet. Bought my wife a red one that arrived this week from Cycle Gear for about $430. This helmet is sweet ! Basically it is like my Neo Tech with...
  8. Scoop47501

    Funny Moment at the Indianapolis IMS

    I lke many of you I am all about the Tenere so when I walk in the door of the Indy IMS show it is not long before I am checking out the 2014 Tenere. Well I walk up to this beauty and there are two guys standing there looking it over and asking themselve questions about it. Naturally since I am...
  9. Scoop47501

    Robbinsville area Sept 15th, 18th

    I will be in the area from Indiana if anyone wants to hook up or ride down together. Scooper
  10. Scoop47501

    How Did You Get Your User Name

    Not seen this on this Forum yet so here goes. How did you come about with your online user name ? Me ? I got mine from my previous job. You see before I became a coal miner I used to be the clown in the parade when the circus came to town that followed the horses. The Ring Master transfered me...
  11. Scoop47501

    Let's See Your Man cave

    Here is mine . Let's see yours.
  12. Scoop47501

    Two Hoosiers Explore West Virginia

    Sunday June 23rd my buddy Muley and I head out of Indiana for West Virginia where we hope to find some twisties and sites along the way. Not much to show on day #1 as we hit the super slab hard and made it to eastern Kentucky. Highway Break Day #2 we are close enough to our meeting point...
  13. Scoop47501

    Comming to Virginia & West Virginia

    Last week of June a buddy on a 650 V-Strom and myself are heading east from Indiana. Right now we plan to Ride the Midland Trail in West Virginia and maybe the Crooked Road Trail in Virginia. I have been to these states before on a bike. Cass /Marlington area in West Virginia and the The Blue...
  14. Scoop47501

    Natchez Trace

    Sunday March 18th is the first day of a four day solo ride on the Natchez Trace. My goal is to ride as much of the Trace as possible and make two side trips to Shilo National Military Park and also Vicksburg National Military Park. The main reason to see these historic areas is my great great...
  15. Scoop47501

    No More Cruiser

    Picked up a S10 today. Bought it from the owner of my dealership. He often buys a brand new model to use as a demo so I picked up a Blue Tenere with 2000 miles on it. Traded in my 2008 Road Star for this bike as I'm leaning towards adventure riding. The Roady just didn't do it for me any more so...