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  1. Tanere

    Two Finger Clutch and Brake

    I am running stock clutch and brake levers and setup. I have been watching and reading information about riding offroad and low speed drills. At least 90% of the information out there says you should use no more than 2 fingers on your clutch and brake so you still have fingers on the grips. I...
  2. Tanere

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I applied the Techspec Tank Pads today. Thank you all who provide guidance on whether or not I need them, which brands and best way to apply them. I did see a video that said to make sure both the tank and pads are at least 70 degrees in temp. So parked the bike out in the FL sun with the...
  3. Tanere

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Did you remove the OEM decals on the tank before installing the Tank Pads? Have same bike and same pads (enroute).
  4. Tanere

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I carry mine in a ziplock bag in my jacket pocket. This way I always have it with me.
  5. Tanere

    USB Battery Pack Recommendations

    Good evening Folks. What do you all carry with you camping or long trips as far as USB Battery banks/charges. I would love to get something I can throw in my tank bag and charge off my tether line coming from the battery while riding. I really just need to charge my Sena10CPro, iPhone and iPad...
  6. Tanere

    Do I need Tank Knees Pads for Off Road?

    Just ordered the TrueSpec. Hopefully they can get here Saturday and I will have them installed to go riding Sunday/Monday. Thank you all for your wisdom and advice.
  7. Tanere

    Do I need Tank Knees Pads for Off Road?

    Okay.. Next Noob question. Should I remove the OEM decal or just put the pad right over it. Gut says remove it and clean tank well, but then something says leave them on to protect the tank even more.
  8. Tanere

    Do I need Tank Knees Pads for Off Road?

    TechSpec Snake Skin Knee Pads
  9. Tanere

    Do I need Tank Knees Pads for Off Road?

    Okay. So it’s worth spending the $50-$80 for Something like TechSpec snake skin vs a cheaper option? Not trying to be cheap, just don’t want to spend $60 on a $20 solution.
  10. Tanere

    Do I need Tank Knees Pads for Off Road?

    I am planning to do the MA-BDR late summer early full and some shake down rides off-road before the. I hear folks saying all the time when you are standing and turning you should be driving the outside knee into the tank pad. Which leads me to (2) questions 1) Do we really need them or is...
  11. Tanere

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Installed my new DS Bikes Upper Crashbars.
  12. Tanere

    2017 S10 Pannier Rack System

    I am looking to purchase a set of pannier racks that I can mount soft bags too. I am planning of running the Nelson Riggs 3050 bags. Just so i don’t waste anyone’s time I am Hoping to spend $75 - $150 for a used set. Thanks
  13. Tanere

    Sena models

    I run the SENA 10cPro. I like that I can record video, and ALL audio channels (music, phone, bluetooth comms) that come through the helmet all in one device. The only downside I have found is the battery life while recording video (about 2hours). I solved, by carrying a small usb battery pack...
  14. Tanere

    Florida S10 gathering?

    Afternoon all. So I know a couple of folks have registered for the Cross Florida Ride April 4-5th. Would love to get an actual count and maybe even set up a WhatApp group to chat with other leading up and during the event. Thought?
  15. Tanere

    My 2017 Super T

    Congrats !!! on Both LOL
  16. Tanere

    Rear view mirror tightness problem

    I am having the same issue with my left side mirror. I am looking at the "Double Take Adventure Mirrors"
  17. Tanere

    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Stopped by Ace Cafe Orlando Yesterday. Is a cool place if you are ever in Orlando.
  18. Tanere

    Caption This:

    He wasn’t solo. There were 4 of them. He didn’t like that i got close (in his mind) to them on the way down the road.
  19. Tanere

    Action camera's

    I run a Sena 10C Pro. I know is not an "action" camera but I like it b/c it gives me full bluetooth for my phone, music, gps as well as audio between bikes in additon to the camera. As a bonus anything that comes into the helmet audio (music phone rider bluetooth is recorded into the video...