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  1. EnnK

    Need urgent advice about Florida weather

    Well, we have become a victim to the Trump travel ban from Europe, we had scheduled a holiday trip to Miami starting from this Saturday the 14th, just few hours after the travel ban enters to force. Our airliner is offering us to change the flight time until August the 20th, we need to decide it...
  2. EnnK

    Best time/places to visit Canada

    Hi, Canadians. I have a wish to visit your beatiful country with my wife. How about Canada in October? Is it too rainy and cold? What is the best time for visit. What are the must-sees and where are the most scenic roads? How about renting a bike over there? We have about 2 weeks. We usually...
  3. EnnK

    Trip to Mosel Valley and Black Forest in Germany

    Well, this is my first longer ride on ST. I have done tens of trips on FJR1300, so now is the opportunity also to compare the two very different bikes. Me and my buddy Toomas took an overnight boat from Estonia to Sweden, arriving in the morning into a rainy Kappelskär. As the weather was...
  4. EnnK

    Estonia reporting in

    Hi there! Yesterday, after couple of years of test-rides and hesitations, I paid for new 2018 ST Raid Edition. It will arrive in few weeks, but, as the riding season is already over, it will be waiting at the dealer's stable until spring. I've been a FJR1300 AS guy for 9 years and love that...
  5. EnnK

    Hello from Estonia

    Hi there! I am Enn from Tallinn, Estonia and I am in search for a new bike. I currently have 2008 Yamaha FJR 1300 AS (AE in NA) as well as V-strom 650 2015. As the test ride possibilities of S10 here are pretty limited I wonder if any one who have had experience with Fjr or V-strom could give...