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  1. Paletes3

    "New" RO/NO/DE member

    Welcome from Portugal Mine has the same color scheme.
  2. Paletes3

    Nick Sanders

    Same with me
  3. Paletes3

    New ST owner

    Welcome from Portugal. One of the reasons I chose a Super Ténéré was ergonomics (comfort).
  4. Paletes3

    where is this ? somewhere in Africa ?

    Exactly my thoughts. I live in Europe as well. Morocco it’s just a 4 hours ride for me (Lisbon-Portugal). In 2007 I was fortunate to travel not only Utah but Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Arizona. Can’t wait to get there again. But not in the “neighborhood” and the world has a lot to visit ;)
  5. Paletes3

    New member

    Welcome to the Forum Cheers from Portugal
  6. Paletes3

    where is this ? somewhere in Africa ?

    It’s here:
  7. Paletes3

    removal of centre stand

    or you can use a ratchet (I used this method myself, no effort and fast) see it around min 8:00 in this YT video
  8. Paletes3

    Any tall riders?

    This thread made me feel like a dwarf. I’m just 6’ 1,83m) 32” inseam :D
  9. Paletes3

    The 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

    Last weekend I’ve seen one finally in Portugal. Static Demo only at my Yamaha dealership Lisbon region. This unit is on tour through the country. Start selling this July at 10500€. I’m 1,83 tall (around 6ft) and the bike is tall - spring pre load was middle range and I barely flat footed...
  10. Paletes3

    Lurking Member Introduction

    Hello and Welcome from Portugal
  11. Paletes3

    Brand New 2017 Super Ten!

    Welcome and congrats on your new bike.
  12. Paletes3

    Advice on Engine Oil During Winter

    :cool: The “best oil” discussion. It’s popcorn time!
  13. Paletes3

    Awaiting delivery of my 2010!

    Welcome to the forum and congrats. Cheers from Portugal
  14. Paletes3

    Hello from Marrakech (?Morocco )

    Hello Marrakech and welcome Cheers from Portugal
  15. Paletes3

    Waterproof liner recommendation

    Take a look at Motostorm Italy. 20% off on Givi inner bags: Price without VAT for extra UE countries € 44,18
  16. Paletes3

    After much thought, just fitted Givi Outback Luggage

    I’ve Outbacks 2x37ltr the left leaks the other doesn’t. From what I’ve seen it’s random. Most are waterproof. Inner bags is the way to go
  17. Paletes3

    Recommended tires

    Definitely very decent on wet. Best I’ve had - a lot better than OEM Bridgestone or Metzeler. And rear Scorpion Trail II lasted +11000 miles (all motorway). Now my rear is an older Scorpion Trail I (one) manufactured 2015 - and it’s terrible on wet. And after 3k miles looks like new, that thing...
  18. Paletes3

    Recommended tires

    +1 on these
  19. Paletes3

    Hello from australia

    Welcome John Greetings from Portugal
  20. Paletes3

    Hello, from Brazil

    Welcome Diego and congrats on your Super Ténéré Abraço de Portugal