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  1. Kyle_E

    Anyone in Oatman AZ on a blue S10 last few days?

    You're famous.... 5:12 in. Was watching a random you tube video and see a S10 go rolling by. Think Russ runs his videos a few days behind so not sure when it was.
  2. Kyle_E

    Intermittent no start in gear.

    Weird intermittent problem has happened last two days. Starts in garage fine (neutral). Ride to store near work approximately 45 mins away. Come out of the store, having left the bike in gear and it will not start. Yesterday, no start. I double checked my kickstand was all the way up, and...
  3. Kyle_E

    Tire life of OEM Battle Wing 501/502 E spec and a few other questions.

    I know this is predicated on riding style, weight, and a thousand other variables. But what type of life do you get out of a set? I just hit 11,000 miles on the set I put on a few months ago, checked tread depth just now rather than just a visual inspection. At 4.5mm rear and 3.2mm front...
  4. Kyle_E

    Cool cop wants the S10

    LVMPD bike cops are cool. First words out of his mouth "Ill race ya!" Bored off his rear working traffic control for a convention. Sat at the light for a few mins chatting. Bikers are good people, just a quick snippet before we started talking personal stuff. He wants to ride the S10 to...
  5. Kyle_E

    City light led replacement.

    Made the switch to LED for the main lights a few months ago, wanted city lights to match. Found this 10 pack on Amazon for $5.50. Work great, the first set I bought of anther brand didn't last 4 days before going tits up. These have been on a little over a month now. Recommend them if you...
  6. Kyle_E

    By chance anyone have experience with a BMW f800 GT?

    Neighbor is looking to get a bike after a few years without. He'd like something without a chain, and a reasonable seat height (hes around 5'6") hes ridden my S10 a bit, just a bit too tall for him to daily comfortable. F800GT popped up on craigs list, seems like a decent bike. But thought...
  7. Kyle_E

    The French have surrendered

    To the S10. I ve only seen them running FJR's ST1300's and of course the ubiquitous 1200RT.
  8. Kyle_E

    Wayne Rainey rides again!

    Arguably the best MotoGP racer of all time won 3 in a row MotoGP Championships and would have won the 4th if not for the career ending palatalization.
  9. Kyle_E

    New helmet testing agency. Similar to SHARP out of the UK this French agency has their own testing criteria. They list their methodology. Always nice to have another data point when shopping. They are rather new so only a few motorcycle helmets have been tested, but I'm sure we will see...
  10. Kyle_E

    Selling a bike is sad and joyous at the same time.

    As I saw my old Versys take off in the back of the new owners truck I'm sad. Such a great bike. Im going to miss it. Took forever to sell, but man its going to be nice down to one bike to worry about in addition to parking the truck in the garage again! If I get in the position of wanting a...
  11. Kyle_E

    Had a couple of beautiful old girls stop by the house today. From Alaska to Argentina

    Jasper and Hanne are on their way from Alaska to Argentina via Belgium. Wonderful young couple on their 1988 ATwins. Had to do oil changes and time for a new chain/sprockets on one. Was a good time hanging out and hearing about their travels so far. Wish them a good journey, on these cool...
  12. Kyle_E

    Here is a good video on how to clean the fuel filter, or replace the fuel pump.

    Ran across this tonight. Good video on taking the fuel pump out and apart enough to clean off the filter. My Italian is nearly non existent, but looks like he was saying in the text that he had ridden the bike 20,000km in the desert on dirty gas.
  13. Kyle_E

    Your favorite under $100 mods.

    Figured it would be a good thread to start here. Bet there are some creative things done by the users here buried in various thread going back years that would be good to have in all one place. One of my favorite thread on the F150 forum is a cheap/free modifications thread. Covering...
  14. Kyle_E

    Fellas we bought the wrong bikes for ADV travel....

    Grom from Alaska to Argentina. No thanks comes to mind....
  15. Kyle_E

    Portable lithium jump box, anyone ditch the clamps and go direct wire?

    My portable jump box case is ridiculously oversize for what it is to fit the battery clamps. The clamps have the built in protection circuit and fuse this is the first one I've found on a quick search that also offers that. Also comes with a SAE adapter so can still use a battery tender and...
  16. Kyle_E

    I know I don't need to tell you guys this but stay off the damn phone while driving. Watched a guy nearly get killed this morning

    This poor guy, riding his bike at Ogden and Main street this morning was hit by the white car in the photo. Stupid driver was on her phone, turned into the guy on his bike making the crossing legally. The construction worker was a millimeter from being hit. Used my motorcycle to block him...
  17. Kyle_E

    Gen one on board MPG accuracy?

    Just curious for those that track their fills. How accurate is the on board MPG calculator in your experience? Only 20 fills in so far, but it's off 1mpg. I reset the MPG average when I do the trip odo then check the numbers. Usually around 38 (by the math) with the display with indicate...
  18. Kyle_E

    Do you ever use the center stand for normal parking?

    Just curious. I saw a guy at the gas station today use a center stand on his wing to go buy a coffee. I know his kick worked because he used it to get off and back on. It would have never entered my mind to use the center stand as a daily use type thing. In my mind it is for working on the...