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  1. dannyv

    I give up, who is a BANG-WIZ on Zumo 595?

    I have to plug my 595 in three or four times before the computer will see that it is there. Then, when I start using basecamp, it hangs up. Wishing I'd bought a Tomtom. Could not find much help online, does anyone know a web page with hints and tricks maybe? The garmin page was of little help.
  2. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    This will be a big event! I am pushing hard to move from my "maybe" RSVP. Keeping fingers crossed. Note to self- get the Rumbux mounted before April.
  3. dannyv

    Top case mount

    Sorry if this has been addressed- I searched, really I did. Bought a solobox top case from Eric, nicely made, it will fit a XXL helmet. But now I have to mount it to the bike. Looks like I could use the three factory screws, would not be all that hard to put on and take off. But it might be...
  4. dannyv

    Hi Guys !!

    Welcome, and hello from Indiana. Don't worry about the language, we get this is the world wide web. -Dan
  5. dannyv

    Rear view mirror tightness problem

    Mine has moved a few times, in spite of cranking down the sleeve that holds it. Next step- mark the location, set in place, then hit it with a few drops of super glue. But not that hard to live with as it is. I also added extensions to see past my elbows/ shoulders. Skinny folk may not...
  6. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    You are only lost when you need to be some where at a certain time. Otherwise, you are wandering.
  7. dannyv

    Texas Festival

    Chewy meat does not appeal. They said, chewier then calamari. And I don't like calamari. Now.... grind it up??! Slap it on a bun, add a little cheese- I'm there.
  8. dannyv

    2018 Purchase Price

    I'd give some thought to where you will have to take it for service/ warranty issues. I could have saved some if I'd have driven a ways, but our dealer offers MSF classes, the shop guys are always willing to give me some hints about service. They have been there a long time, and now they...
  9. dannyv

    Happy New Year!

    NOTICE OF MY INTENTION TO LEAVE THE FORUM. It may or may not be disappointing to some people to know that I have decided to leave this page, I am sick and tired of the constant criticisms and purile remarks about things that have nothing to do with anyone else but me. Okay... So I like...
  10. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    Sorry, no flag here. I may live here, but not gonna wave the flag.
  11. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    Do a google search, lots of places rent, that makes shuttle much easier. Unless one of you guys have a vehicle along, with suitable roof racks. 16 foot boats don't fit in a pick up truck bed too well. And I sure don't know how to strap one onto my Super Tenere! I have racks on my truck...
  12. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    I use composite for almost everything, but yes, plastic boats take more abrasion. There is nothing on the Buffalo (except maybe way up) that precludes a skilled paddler from using a composite boat. That said- if you want to borrow a tandem from me- it will be vinyl.
  13. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    Discussing the Buffalo River prompts me to mention, when there is a sign forbidding you to walk on a bridge (to take pictures, whatever) it behooves you to stay off the bridge. A friend was ticketed, the second time we were down there to run the river.
  14. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    Paddling??? Do tell us more please. I've done almost the entire Buffalo, it was the first river to get the Wild and Scenic designation. Very pretty bluffs, awesome scenery pretty much the whole way. Chance you will see elk and eagles. Chance you will see water mocs and feral hogs too. Not...
  15. dannyv

    Hey Fort Wayne Indiana!!

    Got a few in Indy, I'm near Broad Ripple. Check the member map to see who is up your way.
  16. dannyv

    New from Columbus, Ohio

    Welcome, from Indy. Will be a long winter for you, know that bike wants to be ridden. Same deal I had last Winter.
  17. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    Add me in as a strong maybe.
  18. dannyv

    Cataract Surgery

    I don't know what they stuck in my eyeballs, but it sure helped getting them cleared up. I went for 'no correction', I figured I need to be wearing glasses anyway, didn't want to have to walk into the shop, or jump on the bike and dig around for safety glasses every time. Only advice I can...
  19. dannyv

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    If anyone is tallying votes- April in Ark. might work okay for me. This time, I will leave the old BMW home, and I will have my Tenere with me!
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