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  1. wfopete

    Help diagnosis this condition

    On a recent road ride I notice a kinda strange, minor squirm/movement through the handle bars/front tire (Heidenau K60 Scout) in the last 5-10 mph to full stop. This is my third set of these tires and this was the first time I notice the condition. It kinda felt like the front brakes were...
  2. wfopete

    New Honda 2020 ES

    I like my Tenere but this Honda looks nice. Kinda techie for me but IMO it has some good stuff... Now I understand why there are Tenere's sitting on dealers floors
  3. wfopete

    Rate Your Hard Cases Here

    Maybe we could make this a poll but I don't know how so... EDIT: I see how to make a poll but it's too late as I already created this thread :) Looking for imput for new cases: If interested, please rate your hard cases in terms of : Ease of use Durabiity/strength Value Features Price Other...
  4. wfopete

    The commuter bike joins the club.

    Not that I'm proud of it.
  5. wfopete

    Ain't done crap to it.

    How many you have neglected your Tenere' without any problems (so far)? Mine is coming up on 25K miles and my normal maintenance consists of changing the engine oil/filter once a year and checking tire pressure. I did change the rear diff oil once. Other than gas, tires and battery I haven't...
  6. wfopete

    I have not really been paying attention but...

    if the ST going away for 2018, what is supposed to replace it? I scrolled around in a few forums but didn't see the 2018 answer. Is thier one?
  7. wfopete

    2017 Yamaha MT-07 Tenere - Spied!

    Maybe old news but...
  8. wfopete

    Is anyone talking 2017 yet?

    The Super Tenere' is getting a little dated. Anything out there other than viscous rumors about the 2017 offerings?
  9. wfopete

    The Ride With No Name

    Stay Tuned for More Information! Ride date IS WEDNESDAY! MAY shift from Wednesday to Tuesday, I should know soon. If you want to ride this sign up below on this thread.
  10. wfopete

    2015 changes?

    I know the paint is hardly dry on the 2014 Super Tenere's but has there been any word about the 2015 model? I suspect with Yamaha's two year change cycle that we will see nothing but Bold New Grafics but stranger things have happened.
  11. wfopete

    ES or not to ES.

    That is the question. Is a ES Tenere' rider screwed out of his ES capabilities if he needs to replace the shock or fork internals (as so many have) with an higher quality aftermarket pieces? I was looking at a 2014 ES Tenere' today but thought; What happens to the ES at 20Kish miles when the...
  12. wfopete

    and then there is this rumor about Honda

    Ignore the picture from the late 1980's, or the whole article if you wish but...
  13. wfopete

    Stop the Madness! Please help.

    It has been said that for humor to be effective there must be an element of truth. On that note: Ichiban Moto Public Service Announcement Save the Motorcycles ASPCA Humane Society PETA parody I am particularly concerned about those bikes that cannot stand on their own.
  14. wfopete

    Gone to the Dark Side, 4 Sale 2012 Tenere' SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Yes SOLD!
  15. wfopete

    Arkansas Anti-Black Friday Ride

    If you are looking for some riding after Thanksgiving check out the Arkansas Anti-Black Friday Ride:
  16. wfopete

    Modern Art

    Ok so I have just assembled my new tire-changing stand in the living room when my wife pulls up in the driveway. Hmmm...gotta think fast. “Hi dear! Check out this modern art deco style plant stand I just bought for you”. Le Corbusier would be proud but how do I change my tires now?
  17. wfopete

    Tenere gear indicator (and more) coming soon...

    It about time:
  18. wfopete

    Riding the TAT?

    Hey fellow Tenere' commuters. While healing up from my Tenere' inspired shoulder surgery I have been working on a concept for my Dual Sport brethren traveling the TAT (Trans American Trail). I live along the TAT in Arkansas and have met many a troubled TAT rider who could use a hand. So this...
  19. wfopete

    Commuter bike tire fail

    Well there I was commuting along, minding my own business, when my Tenere's rear tire (Heidenau K60) suffered a slow leak. I traced the leak via soap bubbles to a very small, hard to see source. Can't tell from what (maybe a sharp rock?) as there is no foreign object showing at the leak...
  20. wfopete

    From Off Road riding/racing. Why do you Dual Sport?

    Several folks in area have moved away from racing and off road only riding to D/S. A local club is considering changing to an D/S format stepping away from the off road/racing aspect of riding. For those of you who used to chase points & awards racing or used to only ride off road; why did...
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