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  1. ~TABASCO~

    Wanted: stock pegs !

    I need two sets of the original stock pegs. If you have a set in your old tool box let me know. I have a few friends with mini bikes. They have found that the Tenere pegs fit. They want to stick them on there bikes. I told them I would ask around :-) Thank you
  2. ~TABASCO~

    Few T700 photos

    IMS Dallas (US bikes won’t have Brembo brakes)
  3. ~TABASCO~

    Merry Christmas !

    Merry Christmas everyone !
  4. ~TABASCO~

    T-7 looking, with 177Hp. LOL

    This is probably the same weight at the T-700. LOL KTM 1290 enduro bike to be raced with 177Hp. Good luck!
  5. ~TABASCO~

    FREE parts

    Found a few parts today. They are free. Two pairs of stock side bumpers: Free Stock front protector: Free Two sets: Stock pegs: make a little offer Shipping will be about $8 with usps.
  6. ~TABASCO~

    Your thoughts on it costing $10,000 ?

    Just wanted to get a feel from folks, what are your thoughts on the T700 having this price tag. Good? Fair? Expensive? Great deal? Post !
  7. ~TABASCO~

    Last two sets, free shipping !

    I’ve got two more sets of long lines before I order the next batch. With these two remaining sets I’ll ship for free to the lower 48. They will ship on Monday ! PM me with name / shipping info / numbers, I’ll contact you with pay pal info. Thanks guys !
  8. ~TABASCO~

    How to add a small video to this forum ??

    Im not a computer guy. Ive done all the searching... What type of video file will this forum support. I have a 4 second video I would like to post and don't know how. Ive tried converting it over to 2-3 formats and won't work...... for me- really frustrating...... can ya help ...
  9. ~TABASCO~

    Keeping your valves clean (informative fun info)

    I was helping a good friend with his Tenere yesterday doing some very general maintenance. When the air box and throttle bodies were taken off, I looked down on the intake valves. (as I always do with all bikes I work on) They were 100% totally clean, like a brand new bike with no miles, off...
  10. ~TABASCO~

    Getting your moneys worth ! ! (photo)

    This was on FB and made me bust out ! Caption was like "I think its about time". This rider might be apart of this group. It would be funny to ask he/she a few fun questions LOL. LOL.
  11. ~TABASCO~

    I'm now certified ! Wooo-Hooo

    Dang near certified on a million things now ! And a "Pro".... Ya know how many hours I needed to get this patch? Like 2 or something...…… LOL :)
  12. ~TABASCO~

    DOG: Looking for a foster home or a new home

    Hello, This is a total LONG SHOT but I'm willing to try. This dog was running around our neighborhood about two weeks ago. We are dog lovers so we fed the dog and won over its trust. We have tried everything we know to do to try and find the owners. We have had constant contact with our...
  13. ~TABASCO~

    RIDE ON ADV (Forum Store)

    Hello folks, We have always been a really small business here to help out the Super Tenere community. The parts sales have really dropped off over the years. We no longer see a reason to support our little web site. (I don't know computers to do it all myself) We will be now taking...
  14. ~TABASCO~

    Stumbled across this video, I have to ride it !

    Has anyone gone out and ridden this ride ? Can you give more info? I HAVE to go do this ride ! ! !
  15. ~TABASCO~

    Rear diff oil seal "check first" thought, I found !

    Changed out my leaking seal yesterday. What I noticed after installing the new seal is that the original leaking seal was not pressed in as deep as the new seal. So, I wonder if my original leaking seal had just backed out slightly causing it to leak? I didn't think to look or check this until...
  16. ~TABASCO~

    Stromathon / Super Tenere Ride, South Texas

    Should be a blast! Show up if you can !
  17. ~TABASCO~

    Anyone want to go to Big Bend, Texas in the next month or so?

    Some Tenere friends and I are looking to head to Big Bend in the next four weeks or so... It would be fun to have some other Tenere riders show up and go tear up lots of dirt roads. We DONT have and serious plans at this time. We will be camping and riding lots of dirt roads. Probably...
  18. ~TABASCO~

    Installed Galfer rear disc and pads!

    Over the years I’ve replaced SO MANY customer rear disc it’s kinda a joke. I use to have a stack of rear disc at the shop until one day took them to the recycling center. I have a few customers on there forth rear disc. Anyhow, the time has come for my bike to get a new rear disc and I...
  19. ~TABASCO~

    Does this look correct ? (Fuse block)

    Is this how you wire the fuse block? I think this is correct! Lol
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