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  1. Don in Lodi

    Need help diagnosing bike issue

    Moisture in the crankcase; get her warmed up good and change the oil at least one more time, twice wouldn't hurt. Could drain and reuse the filter, then install a new one with the final oil change. Get the tank filled soon. Every surface above the fuel level can be susceptible to rust. Be sure...
  2. Don in Lodi

    Engine needs painting

    It's environmental. Your spokes prolly look like crap too.
  3. Don in Lodi

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Love physics sometimes. Gravity still sucks tho...
  4. Don in Lodi

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    I'd put the knobs on the outside... just sayin'.
  5. Don in Lodi

    Alternatives to stock s10 handlebars?

    ProTaper Raptor bars.
  6. Don in Lodi

    Harbor freight lights

    What are Harbor Freight lights? Are they pods or a bar? There are a few makers of mounts to fit 1" crash bars for the pods, PIAA is one.
  7. Don in Lodi

    My 2017 Super T

    Put a set of nuts and washers down the studs to hold the crash bars, they add up to almost exactly to the thickness of the spacer ACD sends, then hang the ACD on top of the nuts then add the fasteners needed for the plate. No fiddling with extra bits that want to slide off the studs.
  8. Don in Lodi

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    LOL, 30 years... Wow.
  9. Don in Lodi

    Cheap digital thermometer.

    As long as the sensors don't need to be submerged to give a reading.
  10. Don in Lodi

    Brake caliper (rear) will not reassemble! HELP!!!

    Been a few folks with spacer #19 problems. Binds the whole mounting bracket against the rotor if installed on the wrong side of things. Glad you got it sorted.
  11. Don in Lodi

    Procom Powerjet

    Google Foo; About 139. Looks like it's just an air temp tweek device. Adjustable, but does the same sort of thing as that other temp sensor you read about every once in a while, fakes the bike into running richer.
  12. Don in Lodi

    Anyone any idea where this pipe has come from?

    Not even where it mounts to the airbox?
  13. Don in Lodi

    What should be done after first season of riding?

    +1 on the rear brakes. Mine like to wear fast. The originals went about 10,000.
  14. Don in Lodi

    ALTRIDER Silver Fork Guards

    Never saw them in silver...
  15. Don in Lodi

    SOLD 2014 fz1 for sale

    I've heard of coffee table books, but coffee table bikes?
  16. Don in Lodi

    clutch flush

    Nice tip Alan.
  17. Don in Lodi

    clutch flush

    If fluid gets on the motor paint don't leave it there for more than a few seconds. Water rinses it off well.
  18. Don in Lodi

    Alt rider crashbars installation kit

    Not 1.75. Way to coarse. I think they were 1.50, might even been the harder to find 1.25. You can pull one of the front motormount bolts and confirm the pitch. I seem to remember one of the side mounting bolts is longer than the others. If nothing else is layered in to the mix up front you...
  19. Don in Lodi

    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    I dunno Eric... 2D vs 3D... ;)
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