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  1. Jlq1969

    What are some good motorcycle or other videos/tv series/movies to watch? Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc.... are searchig technical videos?....i find this, but probably is not interesting for you:):)
  2. Jlq1969

    Anyone any idea where this pipe has come from?

    I see her far behind and below the hose that comes from the radiator. Even if whoever did it had taken out the filter box, it would have made no sense to pass it under the radiator hose. I don't know if your friend is the first owner, but if it isn't, the previous owner may have put an oil...
  3. Jlq1969

    What do we now think of the bike

    After three updates, in 10 years, the result of the 1250 is expected to be a good thing. Time will tell, ... now to wait for the ...... 1280?:):)
  4. Jlq1969

    OEM Side Case mounting kit install ?

    An error of 9,92% in the long and 1% in the short, being the first time, not bad:):)
  5. Jlq1969

    OEM Side Case mounting kit install ?

    Disassembly can be measured, armed is difficult because it enters inside the handles and you cannot see how much it enters. if you zoom the pic on monitor computer until the size of the screws conicide with the screws you have, next to these are spacers they should give you the measure, you can...
  6. Jlq1969

    ES Suspension Settings for Non ES?

    the ES does not have "clicks", the regulation is something continuous, with preset positions, but not "clicks"
  7. Jlq1969

    Tyre pressures

    It is important to know that the pressure indicated as “optimal” for a tire, refers to the pressure “at sea level”, for which all pressure meters are regulated. The meters work by a differential between the internal tire pressure and the atmospheric pressure. That is to say that if you put 35...
  8. Jlq1969

    HOW TO: Quick and Easy ABS Disable Switch

    If you do a little surgery of the “neurosurgery” type, on the dashboard, you can use the light bulb of the TCS OFF, to activate the relay, jump abs fuse and turn ABS OFF. In general I think that those who need an abs off, also need the tcs off, but you have the advantage that the tcs off...
  9. Jlq1969

    Looking for advice on commute bike

    You asked for something around 3?....:)
  10. Jlq1969

    Engine cutting out

    The position sensors, have a small slide, are not fixed. Maybe they are with little tightening. or you have wear / bad contact inside them and there is no good position reading. If you move a little, taking advantage of the slide, you can accelerate it a bit and see if the fault continues...
  11. Jlq1969

    ECU Flash?

    In theory yes, but the restriction of the first 3 gears, you can eliminate them with a clutch lever switch, much cheaper than a reflash, dangerous because it can start in gear
  12. Jlq1969

    Engine cutting out

    D14 and D15, are the 2 throttle position sensors, one for the wire, the other for the accelerated idle in cold start / cruise control .... through the electric engine. but first check that the synchronization plugs are well placed
  13. Jlq1969

    Tyre pressures

    That's the good thing about TPMS, which you can see as, as you drive, the temperature and pressure of the rear tire, begin to increase ... and continue to increase ... and continue .... until the pressure back it goes from 36 to 43. I imagine that if parts of 42, it will end about 50
  14. Jlq1969

    A big Toyota Tundra, a little Casita RV, and a kind of big Tenere.

    That is the eternal discussion with my wife. I want to go on a trip with my motorcycle, and my wife wants to come too:):)
  15. Jlq1969

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Cut your little finger, it's cheaper than resending it for exchange or a refund:):)
  16. Jlq1969

    IS ABS Module is a weak spot of this bike

    The bad, they already told you. "You have to change it" ... If it were the "abs ecu", there are probably no solutions, but a loss of fluid in the "abs pump”? .... I think it is worth observing, a seal? .. an o'ring? ... a punctured pipe? ... the abs pump, it's just an electric motor and a few...
  17. Jlq1969

    A big Toyota Tundra, a little Casita RV, and a kind of big Tenere.

    For this the Tundra was created. You do not need any modification. The only thing you have to prepare is your brain, so remember that you come dragging the Casita, and start braking earlier than usual, the trailers do not like emergency braking, don't like crosswinds either when you pass a...
  18. Jlq1969

    Gen2 start question

    The spark plugs? .... with 35k miles, will they be there to change them? The clearance will have increased enough to delay the spark ?, And this causes some decompression. If there is a moment where a spark plug problem is noticed, it is at startup
  19. Jlq1969

    Gen2 start question

    Probably, to avoid that, it is that the air inlet in the filter box, looks back, then the air that enters, is only the one sucked by the pistons.
  20. Jlq1969

    Gen2 start question

    This is the S10 air temperature sensor. Instead of measuring the resistance, why do not you take it out, put it together with the meter you have in the garage, and apply air with the hair dryer, cold / heat .... and you get out the doubt, and you don't spend on a multimeter just for this
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