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  1. fredz43

    SOLD Seth Laam front seat, $200 exchange

    My spare front seat is a Seth Laam modified seat and is in very good condition and much more comfortable than OEM. Seth's present price to redo a front seat is $349, built on your seat pan. I can sell you this one for $200, but need your OEM seat as a spare. This saves you time waiting for the...
  2. fredz43

    SOLD! 2012 Super Tenere, Ohlins suspension, plus many other upgrades. $5895

    Relisting this very well set up 2012 Super Tenere. Ohlins shock and Ohlins upgraded forks. Over $2,600 in this upgrade alone. ECU Unlimited reflash, for smoother, more responsive throttle response. SW-Motech skid plate, SW Motech crash bars, MRA windscreen, heated grips, Yamaha wind deflectors...
  3. fredz43

    Rode 2 new Gold Wings today- a short review

    I had the pleasure of taking demo rides on the new 2018 Honda Gold Wings today, both the 6 speed and the DCT models and have to say that they are both fantastic motorcycles. The DCT tour model especially was an incredible ride. The front suspension is unbelievably smooth. I could see the...
  4. fredz43

    Demo rides at Niehaus Cycles, Litchfield, IL

    My Yamaha/ Honda dealer, Niehaus Cycles in Litchfield, IL will have the Yamaha demo truck at their shop on Friday and Saturday, Oct 13 and 14. Bikes that they are scheduled to bring are: 2 Venture 2 Eluder 1 Vstar1300 Deluxe 1 Bolt 1 FJR1300 1 FJ09 1 Tenere 1 FZ-10 1 FZ-09 1...
  5. fredz43

    SW Motech rear rack in lowered position?

    I have my rear seat removed and have the OEM plastic rack in the lowered position. so that it is level with the plastic platform under the rear seat. Does anybody know if the SW Motech rear rack can be mounted in the lower position like that? Thanks. EDIT: I called Twisted Throttle and they...
  6. fredz43

    Adventure Day at Niehaus Cycles, Litchfield, IL

    My local Yamaha/Honda dealer will be having an Adventure Day on Saturday, Sept .17. As part of this event, he has asked me to lead some short, 20 miles or so, demo rides featuring several of the adventure style bikes in stock. These include the Super Tenere, Africa Twin, in both manual and DCT...
  7. fredz43

    Yamaha aluminum skid plate

    Yamaha accessory aluminum skid plate. Fits all years. $120 shipped in CONUS.
  8. fredz43

    TBS with Harmonizer

    My son David recently got one of the last Harmonizers available before the manufacturer, Grok on the adv forum, passed away. Today I made this video to send him to show him how to use it to check and adjust the throttle body sync on his 2014 ES. The same principle applies regardless of the...
  9. fredz43

    Rode an Africa Twin today

    Rode one today at Niehaus Cycles in Litchfield, IL. Briefly, I will say that this is one very fun motorcycle! I am on my second S10, a 14 ES that I love and this AT really impressed me. It felt so light and flickable and handled great on the few sweepers that I had it on. The rest of the 20 mile...
  10. fredz43

    SOLD! OEM shock w/10k miles- $75

    In another thread I read a comment by EricV about being on his second OEM shock thanks to a forum member. Then I recalled that I had an OEM shock that I took off of my 2012 S10 with 10,000 miles on it when I first put a Penske shock on it and later an Ohlins shock. I have a 14 ES now and so...
  11. fredz43

    Roland Sands FZ09 video

    Another cool video from Yamaha. I just wonder what this and the flat track DT07 concept might be leading up to.
  12. fredz43

    Honda VFR1200X coming to USA for 2016

    Honda announced this morning that they will (finally) be bringing the VFR1200X, known as the Crosstourer in the rest of the world, to the USA for 2016.
  13. fredz43

    Yamaha YXZ1000R demo ride at Niehaus Cycles

    My dealer got a new YZX1000R and I got to take a ride today. This is the new 4 wheel hot rod that Yamaha came out with recently. It has a 3 cylinder engine and very long suspension. I drove it around the parking lot Saturday and today the shop owner, Brad Niehaus took me and a friend for demo...
  14. fredz43

    A little easier way to remove and replace rear wheel

    My son David (DaveZ12 on the forum) got a 14 ES this summer. Last month, while visiting him, I thought I would show him a few tricks that we "experts" have learned, starting with how to remove and replace the rear wheel. Many of us struggled with removing that wheel the first time we did it...
  15. fredz43

    2014-2015 OEM tall windscreen SOLD! thank you

    I have a Yamaha tall windscreen for sale that is in very good condition, about 2,000 miles of street use. $89 includes shipping in CONUS. This is the one that fits the 2014 and 2015 models. Thanks.
  16. fredz43

    SOLD Alpinestars mesh jacket, size large

    SOLD, thank you. Closet cleaning time and this is a size large Alpinestars mesh jacket in a size large in excellent shape. Has armor in shoulders, elbows and a back pad. $50 plus shipping from 62056.
  17. fredz43

    2009 650 V Strom ABS- SOLD on adv, thanks

    Not a Tenere, but would make a good stable mate for someone that wants a lighter bike. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My son recently moved up to a 2014 ES and so his excellent 2009 650 V Strom ABS is up for sale. For sale is a 2009 DL650 ABS V...
  18. fredz43

    Black Altrider rack FS. VGC-SOLD

    My son just got a 2014 ES with 1700 miles on it. This Altrider rack was on it for just a part of those miles and looks like it never had anything on it as it is in very good condition. He is using a different setup, so this is for sale. $180 includes shipping in CONUS. Paypal or check works for...
  19. fredz43

    The Springfield Mile with Willie Nelson and/or Texas Bruce

    I had the pleasure of spending a great couple of days with a yst forum icon, legend, and all around good guy, Mr. Snakebitten. He is still on his way home from the Romney, WV rally and lately had been working at Indianapolis, IN. When I read that he was foolishly considering spending the weekend...
  20. fredz43

    FZ 07 flat tracker

    An interesting story about development of the FZ 07 for flat tack racing.
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