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    Members 22 guest 498

    Do other motorcycle forums experience similar member to guest ratios?
  2. Fennellg

    Zeus Dzus Dclips

    I have some stubborn fastens that hold the panels onto my bike allowing access to the battery and fuses. Removal is easy enough. Re -attachment can be a bitch. Thinking about Zeus Dzus Dcips. These things were great on my Harleys. Large ones were used for the bags. Removal and...
  3. Fennellg

    Mid Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route Skid Plate

    I was wondering if anyone has ridden this without a aftermarket skid plate?
  4. Fennellg

    Directional Arrow

    I changed my rear tire yesterday, and I made the classic mistake. I mounted backward. The mount and dismount was a pain due to the cold. The solar heat up trick was negated by wind and my lack of patience. If you change your own tires you will make this mistake sooner or later. I have...
  5. Fennellg

    Tires for Mid Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route

    I plan to ride section 1 & 2 only, of The Mid Atlantic Back Country Discovery Route. Can I get by with a 80 /20 tire or will I need a 50/50 tire Opinions and advise sought .
  6. Fennellg

    Gps Tacks to Routes Garmin Zumo 595

    I am considering riding the MADR. Downloaded the tracks from their web site. Converted the tracks to routes using base camp. (Make sure basecamp has no ovoidances selected, and you have chosen quickest route selection.) Everything was great except one off road section went a little off track...
  7. Fennellg

    Sena 30K My Review

    I finally Purchased a Sena 30K!!! My goal was to have my music louder. I also wanted to be able to talk to some of my group on our yearly trips. First the setup. Simple. I read and YouTubed a bunch of reviews and how to videos. My take away. Update the firmware before you do...
  8. Fennellg

    Passed a red Tenere in UT

    I passed a red Tenere in UT on Route 24 a few days back. Just wanted to say Hi. I was on a 6000 mile trip. Thought you might have been on your own adventure.
  9. Fennellg

    50 Cal Amo Box tool kit

    My Seat is at Russell. I have been working on my bike during the interim. I Put some Road pilot trail 4 on. My recent 4,000 mile trip to Nova Scotia wore out my Stock Battle Wings. The bike and the tires exceeded my expectations. First Big Trip. Any How, was about to order a 25L Top case...
  10. Fennellg

    2012 Yamaha Pannier transfer to 2015 ES?

    Have a question for the Forum. Can the panniers and mounting rack from a 2012 Super Tenere be used on a 2015 ES Model?
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