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  1. mcycle-nut

    SYNC The Planet

    Today/Tonight/Tomorrow. 12pm Paris time Aug. 2, which makes it 3am Aug. 3 for me. Everybody in the world is riding at the same time. Pretty cool idea! I'll need a nap!:D
  2. mcycle-nut

    Which Battery Charger?

    I've got a Deltran Battery Tender, (Super Smart) 1.25A charger with the two lights on it, red for charging, and green for storage charging. Unfortunately I can't find any model number on it. Should I use it on the VRLA battery that's in the bike? There's a warning in the manual about having...
  3. mcycle-nut

    German in Victoria, BC Canada

    I saw one last summer with German plates on it. Must have been ex-communicated from Germany for riding a Yamaha and not a BMW!
  4. mcycle-nut

    Fuel Injector Cleaners

    What's the concensus on this? Should I be throwing some in the tank once and a while as I do with my fuel injected cars?
  5. mcycle-nut

    How's It Goin' Eh?

    Greetings all from Victoria, BC CANADA. After my '83 Suzuki GS1100ESD broke down on a recent trip, (stopped charging), I decided it was time to get something from this century. I saw a '13 Super Tenere advertised locally and talked to a friend that had the exact same bike. He let me take it...
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