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  1. Defekticon

    Handlebar thread

    No. I only extended the brake lines with the helibar risers.
  2. Defekticon

    Handlebar thread

    Sorry for the late reply M16 x 1.5mm thread It's posted a few pages back.
  3. Defekticon

    **Tire Debate** Mileage vs Safety. Hard Compound vs Soft Compound

    As long as those dirt and gravel roads are dry it's fine. As soon as they get anything more than slightly humid they're worthless. I've done the Metzler Tourance NEXT, Stock Battlewings, and the E07 Dakars, I'm ready to try a real big block knobbie tire for awhile. I primarily ride dirt and sand...
  4. Defekticon

    2018, 2019 Super Ten ES Foibles/Weaknesses?

    I agree. If you're expecting it to ride like a dirt bike where you can just shift your weight back and hammer the throttle to float over the rough stuff you might be surprised at how much weight is still hung high and forward by the engine and gas tank. If you're going for the gnarly stuff...
  5. Defekticon

    2018, 2019 Super Ten ES Foibles/Weaknesses?

    The Gen2 bikes '14 - current model years reliability is "boring" as most owners would put it. They have ergonomic issues for most riders under 6 ft I would say. Once you start adding more luggage the suspension needs at least a heavier rear spring. The engine is IMO bulletproof. I have had no...
  6. Defekticon

    Handlebar thread

    "19° Super Tenere/Adventure/BMW LC " are the ones I ordered. They were recommended by Fasst. You can have them tapped by Fasst if needed. I do them myself and it takes about 20 minutes to do both sides with a tap, and cutting oil. Aftermarket bars do not come tapped. The stockers were tapped...
  7. Defekticon

    Handlebar thread

    Fixed now.
  8. Defekticon

    Handlebar thread

    After spending another 6 months recovering I finally got around to doing this. To answer anyone who's wondering: Tusk makes a bracket specifically for the fast flex bars to use hand guards that wouldn't otherwise reach. I love this setup. More so than the Protapers I ran for awhile. I bent my...
  9. Defekticon

    New Maryland Bill Would Authorize Motorcycle Lane Splitting if Passed

    I can respect the effort, Bob. After testifying in Annapolis in support/opposition of other bills while I was a resident there, my eyes's were really opened at how much contempt the MD General Assembly has in for it's constituency. Zero respect or open an open mind to anyone willing to show up...
  10. Defekticon

    New Maryland Bill Would Authorize Motorcycle Lane Splitting if Passed

    Bill was DOA having been sponsored by a delegate from Harford County. As a former prisoner resident of Harford and Cecil county MD there isn't much of a conversation in Annapolis thanks to long gerrymandered voting districts. If there was ever two states that needed lane filtering it was VA and...
  11. Defekticon

    Gen 2 ECU Reflash

    I'm in the process of getting a flash done for my Concours and if you have or had one you probably have heard about Shoodaben. We had a good chat on the phone about the stock throttle control on the S10 and how there were limited choices out there for flashing (Anthony and ECU Unleashed). Steve...
  12. Defekticon

    Too much bluetooth?

    Yes they will, but they didn't always so if you're hunting for reviews up until about 2016 the firmware on the Sena side didn't play nicely with the phone + zumo at the same time. I had the 665LM and sold it because I was so mad about that and then a month later after waiting for months asking...
  13. Defekticon

    Off road riders opinions

    I'm kind of a jerk to my bike, but it keeps moving. It threw me off a few times this trip. It had been raining quite a bit in WV and one of the tracks I picked at the romney ride was super slick mud on top of large rocks. Lots of grip issues. But it was only that one track that was a PITA, and I...
  14. Defekticon

    Handlebar thread

    Picked up a set of fasst flexx's to replace my Protaper ADV high bars. Interested in retaining my barkbusters. Anyone know if they work the brp hand-guard mount? I'm guessing it just takes some finessing/heat on the guards to bend them into the right shape. If it's not even close I might...
  15. Defekticon

    Florida S10 gathering?

    NWFL here, I'm down for a ride.
  16. Defekticon

    Well, that didn't take long at all

    Dropped it once, put the ziptie on and never dropped it (like that LOL) again...
  17. Defekticon

    Madhatter wants a dirt bike….

    These are all big advantages if you plan to ride it more as an ADV bike. There are no good pannier solutions for the 17+ KTM due to a lack of a real subframe, the cush hub is nice and lack of vibration, all pluses that make it more streetable if you plan to use it as a long distance multiday...
  18. Defekticon

    So...what other bikes do you own?

    That's a beautiful color. I was considering an FJR when I bought the connie, but the engine on the connie won me over. The S10 just isn't quite enough for two up touring. We've made it work for several years and had good times, but a proper sport touring bike makes it no comparison.
  19. Defekticon

    Heated jacket liner

    I have the newer 2.0 tourmaster vest with neck liner and chaps Aside from the wires it's been great. Very comfortable and stable temps. Rode down the blue ridge in March with below freezing temps and snow, toasty and warm. Was considering upgrading to the full pants and boot liners, but I moved...
  20. Defekticon

    SOLD - Seat Concepts Low

    I have the rider (full custom pan) and pillion (foam+cover) seat, my wife says the pillion seat is soft and comfy (I Had an RDL set setup previously and she said she's equally comfy!). The drivers seat is great for 4-5 hours of riding then it gets to be a pain due to lack of cushion. It's a...
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