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  1. Mak10

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to those who make this site possible. Also to all I have had the chance to meet on my adventures this year. There are some great people on this forum. We got 18” of snow in the last 24 hrs. My Tenere is asleep under her cover. May you all...
  2. Mak10

    Super Tenere Rally Arkansas, April 23-26, 2020

    JAN 7 UPDATE: The names from up to Post #435 in this thread and from Facebook have been added and we are now at 77 probables plus 5 maybes, so working head count is about 80 for now. There'll probably be some more if weather is good or if bad. Thanks because it helps coordinate with the resort...
  3. Mak10

    Idaho BRDR ride July 18-26th 2020

    Wanting to cross this off the bucket list. I’m thinking July 2020 anybody interested?
  4. Mak10

    Fuel stabilizers

    Due to cold weather and some health issues, I’m not going to be able to ride for the next four weeks. This puts me into December and the likelihood of finding favorable riding conditions looks slim. For those that see a couple of months of storage, what do you put in the tank? Stabil...
  5. Mak10

    Replacement foot pegs?

    While riding the Moab Slickrock I jumped off a small ledge and my right foot peg snapped off of the bike. Anybody have any good suggestions for an aftermarket replacement? Not really interested in pivot pegs.
  6. Mak10

    Moab White Rim Trail Oct 4-6

    Some have expressed wanting to ride the White Rim Trail in Canyonland National Park. Anybody up for this Early October?
  7. Mak10

    Tipping. It’s getting out of hand.

    Rant: I am seeing more and more when I order food and pre pay it asks for a tip. Since when do you tip for good service before you get any kind of service? I don’t mind tipping and generously when I receive good service. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around tipping when I pay...
  8. Mak10

    Coming down off of center stand

    After the previous thread about if you use the side stand or center stand it got me thinking. I always put my bike on the center stand when parked in its spot in the garage at home. When getting on the bike to go I usually stand on the pegs and rock the bike off the center stand. I try...
  9. Mak10


    After many requests I am making up some dash infill plates for the gen 2. These are made out of steel sheet metal and mount with two bolts. They are painted black and come with no holes drilled for switches. That way you can customize to your setup. $50.00 shipped USPS to the continental...
  10. Mak10

    Rear Ended my biggest fear.

    I had the fun experience of getting rear ended whilst driving on the interstate. Luckily I still need to swap tires on my bike so I was in my truck. I have a fear -phobia of being rear ended on my bike. I had a adjustable hitch in my receiver and it took all the impact. It probably totaled...
  11. Mak10

    Moab/Southern Utah ride report-May 2019

    Anybody want to meet up in Moab for some fun trails sometime in May? White rim, Onion Creek, maybe Hell’s Revenge,? Anybody?
  12. Mak10

    Utah border to border ride.

    I’m leaving on a border to border trip and back tomorrow. Starting on the Idaho border going down the western side of the state to St George. Going through zions, Bryce Canyon, hwy 12 and back to Idaho on either hwy 89 or hwy 10. I’ll post a report when I get back.
  13. Mak10

    Favorite Bikes, Post up your story

    One of my favorite bikes. It was the summer of 1989 and I had a good buddy that just bought a Honda Magna 750. He had a Suzuki GN400 prior to this and let me borrow it for a week or so. Having ridden mainly dirt bikes prior to this, I fell in love with that GN. It was so simple. Easy kick...
  14. Mak10

    Premium fuel,mid grade or regular?

    So far I have ran premium fuel in my bike. I live at approximately 5000 ft in elevation. I have read from other members that they are running just regular. What is your experience running fuel other than premium? At my elevation is this a waste to run premium? Thoughts?
  15. Mak10

    Mirror extensions DIY

    I made some inexpensive mirror extensions. Here is what I used: M10 coupler nut 1.25 thread M10 bolt 1” long M10 nut Cut head off bolt, thread bolt in one end of coupler nut, thread nut on as lock nut, paint if desired, install on bike. Done.
  16. Mak10

    SOLD Givi top box for sale

  17. Mak10

    Soft sided cooler

    I just wanted to post a picture of this cooler I received for Christmas. It looks like it will fit nicely on the pillion as well as it straps on top of my panniers if I am riding two up. It is supposed to be waterproof, and is insulated. Costco has these for under $60. It looks to be of...
  18. Mak10

    Winter season= Snowmobile time

    It has officially happened, put the S10 up for the winter and got the Sled out, prepped and ready to ride. There is nothing like a good powder day in the mountains.
  19. Mak10

    New owner from SE Idaho.

    After some helpful hints on which bike to buy from some members here, (what a great group) I made the plunge. New leftover 16ES. It’s been a while since I have ridden a bike this large, and good hell for all the electronics on this thing. I am really looking forward to riding this bike...
  20. Mak10

    Which bike to buy?

    I have be n a long time lurker here and have narrowed down my next bike of choice to a super tenere. I have had many bikes in my life and have ridden both street and dirt. In my current stable I have the following bikes. KTM exc525 Kawasaki Klx250s Yamaha Majesty 400 I picked up the...
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