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  1. hANNAbONE

    :..HELD Kangaroo Gauntlet Leather Gloves - Size 7..:

    My wife isn't riding any longer and so her gear is going on the sale block. Brand new HELD Gauntlet Gloves - size 7 - unused, spotless, undamaged, perfect. $195.00 new Riveted palms and two-tone coloring black and natural leather....gorgeous.! $95.00 + actual shipping to your address
  2. hANNAbONE

    :..VANSON Leather Jacket - Size 8..:

    My wife isn't riding any longer and wants to sell her gear. She has a very lightly used VANSON MANX FIRE black leather non-perferated jacket. Zipper sleeves, zipper rear panels, rear under arm breather holes. No damage, no wear, looks exactly like when she bought it new for almost $600.00 a...
  3. hANNAbONE

    :..SHOEI RF-800 Helmet - size SMALL..:

    White, Small Shoei RF-800 helmet lightly used by my wife. Clear windscreen. Interior is well cared for no smells and lightly used. She isn't riding anylonger - so on the sale block it goes.! Never dropped or damaged in any way. $75.00 + actual shipping to your address. PM here or email ...
  4. hANNAbONE

    :..Supa10 Farkles Final - Valentine 1..:

    Got a pretty nice V1 for sale, including longer cord & OEM cig adapter. Works perfectly. Plug it in the electric adapter and throw it on a RAM mount and you're in business. If you don't know about the V1, I won't have enough room here to explain it - suffice to say on Mobikes it's the best...
  5. hANNAbONE

    :..Supa10 Farkles for Sale #2..:

    $15.00 #RAM mount for GPS - universal fitting RAM mount $350.00 #Garmin 276C Color GPS w/speaker power plug & RAM mount cradle & car cradle & maps CD's & huge memory stick - universal fitting, $50.00 #Headlight black metal mesh cover w/bolts - bike specific for the Super Tenere' --- I...
  6. hANNAbONE

    :..Super Tenere' FARKLES for sale - Come 'n Get it..:

    Many of these items will transpose to other makes and models of bikes... Some of these are bike specific to the Yamaha Super Tenere' only... I can meet up for a deal within 50 miles - for the right deal - PM for possibilities or email : Cash only - no trades - all...
  7. hANNAbONE

    :..F/S - 2012 Super Tenere' SinisterBlack Bought New VIN#227..:

    I guess I'm sticking a toe in the "sale pond" to see if I might generate some interest of my beloved Supa10. I've owned it since new and a very early one it is #227. I had it delivered to me back in Iowa on August 4, 2011 just 5 weeks before I was to move to Indiana. It has been my road bike...
  8. hANNAbONE

    ::..Thinking of Trading/Selling my '12 Supa10 for a MT-09 /// Talk me down..::

    So I've got this awesome sinister black beast of a tarmac burner '12 Supa10 that I bought new VIN #277. I've got all the cool kid tidbits installed on it including Parabellum screen, Aussie screen adjuster, wings, Jesse Bags, CBT rear rack, Hyperlights, Rigid light bar, etc etc etc Why O' why...
  9. hANNAbONE

    :::..WTB -- Russell DayLong, what choo got?...:::

    Talk to me about the Russell Saddle you don't want anylonger. Send info / pix / costs / etc to : I'm located in SE Indiana I Await Choo.!
  10. hANNAbONE

    :..Best price for REAR OEM Bridgestone Battlewing #502 - 150-17-69v ??..:

    looks like $135.00 from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Anybody have a better deal.?? Talk to me.
  11. hANNAbONE

    :..Love my Supa10 -- but the FJR bug has a hold on me..:

    Talk me down, my friends, my people. I wanna hear from those of you that have had the FJR and went to the Supa10 And from you that have come from the Supa10 and went to the FJR. (*BTW : I've ridden many many sport-tourers, mainly Triumph Sprint's and many BMW's/RT's, K12RSA, K12R...
  12. hANNAbONE

    :..MoonShine Moonburgers Saturday April 8th - Who's "IN"..: MoonShine-Run MoonBurger Lunch is happening on Saturday April 8th Saturday April 8th - Moonburgers! Starting at 7:00 AM, We will be at Moonshine Store with the t-shirts and the sweet roll lady. Here is the Map. The sweet roll lady will be...
  13. hANNAbONE

    ::..Wanted - 2012 OEM Rider Seat only - not Passenger seat..::

    If you have an 2012 OEM Rider Seat and want to sell it - Let's talk.!! Must fit a 2012 model I am in immediate need of an OEM saddle PM here or email to me
  14. hANNAbONE

    ::..Wanted - Russell Day Long Seat (I'm 250#)..::

    I'm looking for a Russell Day Long Saddle (I'm #250) Anyone have one in vinyl or leather -- Let's Talk. PM me here and I'll get you my cell #
  15. hANNAbONE

    ::..2015 Moonshine Lunch-e-poo // coming right up..::

    ??... Who's "IN"...??? Me - I'm "IN"..!!
  16. hANNAbONE

    ::..JustBobMoore & I did lunch & a long romp..::

    Had a nice 400 miler on Saturday the 24th. Bob texted me @ 8:00 am and asked if I could take a run down to Leavenworth for lunch. He had to spot check the availability for a late June luncheon with the Motorcycle Tourers Forum gathering. I said "YES" and made plans to meet him in Salem, IN for...
  17. hANNAbONE

    ::..Itchy Nose - who else..?..::

    I have a growing problem whenever (*and whatever*) I ride. Generally my nose itches to the point of rubbing it through my 1-piece full face helmet. Rubbing my nose isn't even close BTW - more like "I need to cut my nose off RIGHT FRIGGIN' NOW.!!!" I have cut/plucked every hair in the location...
  18. hANNAbONE

    ::..Arai Quantum II Large Dark Silver..::

    I have a like new original owner Arai Quantum II for sale. It is a Large and as comfortable as it is inside it doesn't fit my head very well. I think I must have the Shoei head rather then the Arai head I thought I had. Anyway, this helmet looks like it just came out of the box. I wore it...
  19. hANNAbONE

    :..Shoei X-11 Daijiro Kato Helmet Medium Red..:

    I have a 1-ownerShoei X-11 Daijiro Kato motorcycle helmet for sale. New X-12's go for over $800.00 This one is lightly used and has all brand new internal padding which cost over $100.00. It's my "look cool" lid... B^) Also included are both the dark tinted screen along with the OEM clear...
  20. hANNAbONE

    ::..Stinkin' Weather..::

    It has been soooooo freekin' cold and soooooo freekin' snowy and soooooo icy I haven't had a ride on 'Sinister' since the middle of November. Worst winter here in SE Indiana since anyone can remember. I am having serious withdrawl symptoms. (*plus I've got my first/flu/cold/thingie which...
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