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    White gen1 ST with Givi luggage in Boone, NC on Oct 23

    Was passing through town and saw it parked at a grocery store. Was tempted to hang around for you but had to get going.
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    Givi Trekker Outback luggage from Yamaha has matching key cylinders

    Was watching a Tenere 700 video on youtube the other day where the guy had the "oem" Givi Trekker Outback top case, he mentioned that the top case cylinder is matched to the ignition. Interesting! At 8:40 The key looks to be typical Yamaha, so I'm immediately wondering if the Yamaha/Givi...
  3. R adventure touring bike comparison (youtube video)

    Haven't watched it myself, but looks interesting R1200GSA Strom 1000 XT Tiger 1200xca Multistrada KTM 1290 Africa Twin and... Super Tenere ES (yayyyyy, they didn't forget us!)
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    Question User location under username/avatar

    Pretty sure this existed on the old forum, but not showing up on the new one.
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    Dimensions for spacer between rear caliper bracket and swingarm?

    Took my wheels off yesterday to have the tires changed and discovered that the washer is missing that resides between the caliper bracket and swingarm. Ordered a new one from the Yamaha shop, but it's backordered for 1-2 weeks. Anyone have the dimensions for it so I can get one matched up?
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    OEM black panniers with mounting kit in Canada

    Mint condition, a few minor scratches on the plastic corners, aluminum sections are mint except for a scratch on the right pannier from a tip over. Stickers are included :) Asking $500cad plus shipping. Located in Toronto, looks like Greyhound can ship them to Vancouver for $100 to give an idea...
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    What 90/10 tires is everyone running now?

    The Battlewings my bike came with are coming to the end of their life, so shopping for something new. I can't say I have any complaints about them, they worked great on my Blue Ridge/Deals Gap trip this past weekend. I can pick up the same BW501/502's for pretty cheap, but wondering if I should...
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    Has anyone modified pannier racks to fit a Tenere?

    So I was pretty set on getting a Givi Trekker Outback setup for my Tenere, before I started thinking. I have a V-Strom with a set of Holan Nomada bags and racks. Was planning on selling the Strom with the bags, but no buyers yet. Holan makes a rack for the Tenere, but the price wouldn't make it...
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    Adding mounting loops to the top of the OEM panniers

    Was only able to find a thread from 2015 about this, but I'm sure people have done this since. Any tips, reviews? I like to strap a 30L dry bag to the top of each pannier for camping which poses an obvious problem with the OEM panniers. Here's a pic of my Wee setup like this
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    New Tenere rider in the Toronto area

    Picked up a '15 Tenere ES a couple weeks ago to replace my V-Strom 650. Hi! This is now my fourth blue (ish) Yamaha. Don't even like blue, but since I buy used options are limited. Previously had the following: 1986 Yamaha Radian (poorly repainted blue by the previous owner) 2006 Yamaha FZ6...
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    Able to remove right panel with SW-Motech crash bars?

    I remember reading that you can, but can't seem to do it. Is it possible? Any tips?
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    Wanted: Givi top case rack

    Preferably in Canada, but US isn't a problem Anyone? :)
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