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  1. Venture

    The 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

    I'm *SERIOUSLY* interested in this bike!
  2. Venture

    Forum Update News - 8/10/2018

    So it's been a busy week for us here: 1. Successfully converted SMF to Xenforo. This first step was to re-establish user accounts, and the main forum data (forums, threads, posts) on the new platform. The Xenforo package is natively mobile-ready, which was MUCH needed over the old SMF...
  3. Venture

    Member Map Now Available

    A new member map has been installed and is available from the "Members" tab at the top of the page. A few notes: 1. The map is only available for logged in users. Guests cannot see it. 2. This map automatically tries to geolocate you based on your IP address, so you probably already...
  4. Venture

    Switch to HTTPS - You may need to update links and relogin...

    I just switched the forum over to all secured communications (https). Depending on bookmarks. Etc, you may need to log in again.
  5. Venture

    Anybody out there good with Regular Expressions / REGEX?

    I need some help converting links. I need to come up with a Regex expression to convert this style of link: To this style: For as good as my brain can be, it just doesn't seem to...
  6. Venture

    Post issues here in this forum!

    We recently upgraded software here on the forum. It was a big, big undertaking. There are bound to be issues and a learning curve, so if anybody spots anything suspicious, or has any questions, please create a thread in this forum and we'll do our best to address it.
  7. Venture

    Forum Upgrade - Update

    I'm going to keep this short since I'm quite tired. The forum is operating under the new software and host. There is MUCH more to be done, and it will get done over the next few days. For now, it's basically operational with the most important parts. Please post any issues you see here in...
  8. Venture

    Forum Upgrade - 8/7/2018

    All, we are prepping for an upgrade to the forum. This upgrade *should* occur the evening of 8/7, time not exactly sure at this point. In preparation, I've temporarily disabled registration for new members. Don't worry, after we are back up registration will be open again, so if you're new...
  9. Venture

    3/3/2017 - Forum was up and down for upgrades

    I did some infrastructure upgrades to the forum tonight. More of everything, including disk space, which we were in dire need of. So if you were getting connection errors it was not your internet connection! I'm all done now, we are good to go. Thanks for your patience. Venture
  10. Venture

    Pennsylvania, French Creek State Park, 6/14 - Motorcycle Volunteers Needed!!

    Hey All, One of my other passions is Triathlon (swim, bike, and run competitions). I belong to a triathlon club that is part of my local YMCA. We are organizing a Triathlon event and I'm in dire need of folks with motorcycles to help with the event. Here are the details: Steelman French...
  11. Venture

    New Moderator - Checkswrecks!

    After much consideration, vetting, hazing, etc, I'd like to welcome Checkswrecks to the mod squad here on the forum! Checkswrecks, thanks for volunteering your time and all your contributions on the forum. ::012::
  12. Venture

    MOVED: Tenere Spotted section?

    This topic has been moved to Spotted!.
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    MOVED: Spring 2015 - Romney, West Virginia - May 1-3

    This topic has been moved to 2015- Romney, WV.
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    MOVED: do we have a only kids on this forum?

    This topic has been moved to Debate Room.
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    Due to a large volume of spam registrations, I've had to delete a number of accounts. Update 1/3/2015 - Attention - any new accounts are now set to be approved by me before being active. If you have recently registered on the forum, you MUST send an email to...
  16. Venture

    MOVED: All the GS...

    This topic has been moved to Other Bikes.
  17. Venture

    I wonder if this guy is still alive...

    Must have a death wish. Gotta give it to him, he clearly has skills.
  18. Venture

    MOVED: Drooping left pannier

    This topic has been moved to Luggage - Bags, Cases, Panniers.
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    MOVED: Just a fun day ride!!! Love this big bike.

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    MOVED: Jesse Bags Installation

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