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  1. Defekticon

    WTB: Gen2 Factory Rear Shock (on hold)

    I need to send my cogent back in for some work, and that's probably going to take awhile. I'd like to ride it while it's in for work so anyone got a stock Non-ES Shock off a Gen2? I sold mine to another rider in a similar predicament so here I sit.
  2. Defekticon

    HF Tire changer + Mojo Blocks & Lever

    Package deal: $150 OBO, Local pick up only in Rising Sun, MD. Would trade for a decent skid plate. [smg id=3319 type=preview align=center caption="IMG 20171216 115250"]
  3. Defekticon

    Protaper ADV High Bars, Extended Throttle Cables and Stock exhaust/headers

    I have a lot of parts for sale that have been sitting on my shelf. I'll probably need this stuff again one day, but I'm moving soon and I need to clean out my garage before I move. Less stuff to take with me! Brand new set of OEM Yamaha Throttle cables that I had Jaxon extend for me 2 inches...
  4. Defekticon

    FS: Russel Day Long Saddle (Rider + Pillion)

    $550 Shipped + Your stock seats. Would also consider a seat concepts low, and will accept partial trade for an ACD Skidplate (not particularly interested in any other brands or parts - prefer cash). Seat is used, but has had no degradation of padding or suspension materials, and no rips, tears...
  5. Defekticon

    Dealer won't install tires?

    Stuck in a weird situation. Was trying to work with a local Motorsports shop (who is also a Yamaha dealer) to get a set of tires for my S10 while I'm out in Wyoming for a week. I leave Sunday for Utah. They only had Anakee 3's. I wanted Mitas E07 dakars, and I was limited on time. Revzilla was...
  6. Defekticon

    Metzler tourance NEXT with sidewall cracks

    Got about 7000 miles out of them. Then I put the bike in my trailer and went to Cody, Wyoming. Pulled the bike out and found a large sidewall crack. Anyone know where I can get a set of Mitas E07 dakars in Wyoming?
  7. Defekticon

    ADV Apehangers

    After a year with the Protaper adventure high bars, and lots of tinkering to get that "perfect ergonomic" I think I've found it. I give you the ADV Apehangers:[smg id=3051 type=preview align=center caption="IMG 20170613 115052"] [smg id=3052 type=preview align=center caption="IMG 20170613...
  8. Defekticon

    Barkbuster X1200 bar mounts

    These bar mounts are specific to the Super Tenere. They were for Gen1 or 2. They are designed to work with the stock handlebars and clear all of the controls. I have Protaper bars so these did not work out for me. These are the bar mounts only. You'll need a guard to go with it. Pretty expensive...
  9. Defekticon

    Klim Torrent Gore-tex overpant Size 38

    Paid $400 in September 2016 from Revzilla, used a few times. Went with some Klim overland pants as I don't commute anymore. These are perfect for commuters. Full side zip. Easy on/off, full goretex. Even comes with the nicer Klim deluxe suspenders which I paid an extra 50 bucks for.... 300...
  10. Defekticon

    Delaware seashore state park Easter

    Camped out for the weekend. Nice bike! If you're a member here, We're in spot 310 if I don't catch up you before we leave.
  11. Defekticon

    Arrow discontinued XT1200 Header

    ::010:: Just went to go order one.... I can't seem to find one for sale anywhere either. Are there alternatives?
  12. Defekticon

    Black S10 on East bound Highway 98 in Ft. Walton Beach, FL 12/26

    My wife and I were two up heading West on a blue S10. We waved! ::013::
  13. Defekticon

    Looking for another bike

    It's all of 10 degrees outside and I'm having bored winter time thoughts. I want to find another bike that has little to no overlap with the capabilities or riding style of an S10. I don't know what I want, but I do know that I'm not replacing my S10, I'm just looking for something different...
  14. Defekticon

    Wanted: Stock exhaust heatsheild

    I know some of ya'll got that carbon fiber bling bling on your bike and have one of these laying around. Let me know if you want to sell it and what your price is. Thanks!
  15. Defekticon

    Akrapovic or Remus?

    Sorry for another exhaust thread. This video sold me on the akra. Unfortunately most videos on youtube are terrible for getting an idea of the exhaust note. I've also heard some nice sounds coming from the remus and arrow. Anyone heard both in person? Youtube can only do so much, even when...
  16. Defekticon

    Wife is getting a new Bike

    We sold her DR200 during the spring of this year. She seemed to lose interest and wasn't really up for riding on her own. Well after riding two up all summer she really enjoys riding and wants to get another bike. Requirements: 32 inch or lower seat height Capable highway/touring machine...
  17. Defekticon

    Olympia/Tourmaster/Joe Rocket Gear

    I recently bought a Rukka Airman Jacket, and now I need to part with the rest of my gear. Because shits expensive. Shipping is included in all prices to the Lower 48 states. If using paypal, please include the 3% fees or send as gift. First up: Olympia Ranger Size Large $300: Bought this...
  18. Defekticon

    Marc Parnes Balancer

    I have a Marc Parnes wheel balancer I used once on my KLR. It's the UNIV model so it will work on both the S10 and KLR without additional cones. $100 Shipped.
  19. Defekticon

    My cat stole my axle nut and spacer

    I wish this were a dumb thread title. My cat is a jerk. I have a cat door that goes to the garage for his litter, he likes to go in there and use his slappers on anything that isn't bolted to the floor. Was putting on my Metzlers this afternoon, got the front done, took the rear wheel off and...
  20. Defekticon

    Bad couple months for my Truck

    After going 14 years without an insurance claim I've had 2 claims and 3 incidents with my truck since I bought it in Sept. I hit a deer in December, although I got lucky and he ran into the side of my truck in the wheel well. Left a small dent in the front left fender but not even noticeable...
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