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  1. Tombstone

    Pie Run 1/24/20

    Veyo Pies in southern Utah. Wife and I will be there 11:30ish on Friday the 24th, join us for lunch and dessert. Search "Veyo Pies" and gain weight just looking at their pictures. Hope to see you there.
  2. Tombstone

    Lake Havasu 12/20

    I'm suffering from I tossed a dart at the map and it landed on Lake Havasu. I'll arrive Monday 16th and leave Friday morning. Anyone in the area want to do lunch or a ride during that time?
  3. Tombstone

    2020 Cache Rally - June 18-21

    7th annual Cache Rally - To be held this year in Flaming Gorge, Ut. June 18th (Thurs) - 21st (Sun) 2020 Manila, Utah KOA. (435) 740-8318 Tents- 2 per site allowed ($33 w/tax for 2) Nice grassy sites. . Cabins- Bunkbed and 1 double (No bath) $63, so could sleep 3. Swimming pool. Big lake...
  4. Tombstone

    Burger run....

    Lunch: October 9th in Marquette, Kansas. Why Marquette? It is sorta in the middle of the two coasts, and has a motorcycle museum. Be there or be .....not there. Weather permitting of course, I don't mind rain and even light snow, but after that I get pretty cautious. Where: City Sundries 104 N...
  5. Tombstone

    Recommend a dealer in Bangor, Maine?

    One of my fork seals is leaking a a bit. I'll be in Bangor in about two weeks and hoping with some advance notice I can get in and out faster.
  6. Tombstone

    Lincoln Highway

    Since this is not really an event, its just me...and it spans the US coast to coast not just one region...I thought I it would be best to post here. If all goes according to plan I'll be riding the Lincoln Highway, east to west in about a month; starting around the first weekend of July. If you...
  7. Tombstone

    Montreal, Nova Scotia, Maine.

    This June I'll ride to Montreal, pick up my wife at the airport, then we'll ride to Nova Scotia - several days later she will fly home from Bangor, Maine. So far I have on our 'must see' list: The Cabot trail (185 miles?), Peggy's Cove, and Halifax boardwalk. From Peggy's Cove it look like a...
  8. Tombstone

    2019 Cache Rally, Gardiner Montana, June

    The 6th annual Cache Rally. June 14,15,16 This is a "No frills" rally. No planned group rides, no maps, no pins, shirts ect. Only riding all day, bench-racing at night - rinse and repeat. The Yellowstone RV park, Gardiner Montana is the place, just outside the North entrance to Yellowstone NP...
  9. Tombstone

    Scott's steering stabilizer kit

    I searched and have had no joy in finding a way to hook up a Scott's on the Tenere. Has anyone found an adapter for the second gen Tenere? I have a Scott's stab I would't mind installing on mine.
  10. Tombstone

    Check their work.

    Probably preaching to the choir but; be certain to check the professional mechanics work when you get your bike home. I recently had new tires installed, got on the bike and rode home. Once in my garage and on the center stand I idly spun the front tire....or at least tried. A hard spin got me...
  11. Tombstone

    Long trip - what parts to take?

    I looked at the first 5 pages and didn't see this addressed, hopefully this isn't a redundant thread. My question - I'm leaving in about 3 weeks for a long trip, 5 to 6 months, into Central and South America. Mileage of the trip will be 20 to 25,000 miles. I'm wondering what spare parts I...
  12. Tombstone


    Yea me! I get a trophy if I make a 'first' post. Soooo.....s'up Utah riders?
  13. Tombstone

    Hard to start

    I bought my new 2017 non ES about three weeks ago. In the 2300 miles I've ridden I've had 4 instances where the bike was hard to start. It seems like each time gets worse. It also seems like it is when the bike is hot ie: I stop for fuel, or to don rain gear and then have a hard time re-starting...
  14. Tombstone

    Cache Rally - Buena Vista, Colorado June 2018

    5th annual Cache Rally June 15 - 17, 2018 Buena Vista, Colorado WHO: The Cache rally is open to all 2-wheeled contraptions (even if they have 3 wheels...) ** WHERE: Arrowhead RV park LODGING: Arrowhead has a group site that I will reserve, they also have cabins. If you intend to TENT no...
  15. Tombstone


    Jellooo my friends, jello.... I bought a new '17 a couple days ago, have all of 300 miles on 'er so far and (of course) lovin it! The UPS guy (aka the brown Santa) will be stopping here daily for the next little while with ST toys for me to install. Tech day anyone?? ::013:: I'll leave this...
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