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    BUMOT Passenger Backrest pad

    Does anyone have experiece with the BUMOT backrest pad for their EVO or Defender Top Boxes? From the photos it looks kind of thick and might be less comfortable than nothing. Anyone's passenger want to comment on how comfortable it is? I just ordered the BUMOT Evo series, panniers and top...
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    Es or Non-Es

    Choices: 2018 Yamaha blue non-ES,. I love the blue. 2019 Matte White ES. I'm just a little concerned the white tank will be too bright in the sun here in SoCal. Never had anything matte finish before, is it hard to maintain? Is the electronic suspension worth putting up with the boring tank...
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    Farkle Time

    Hi, I'm about to pull the trigger on a ST and have read with great interest all the information here on the forum about bags, windshields, crash bars, etc. No end to the amount of information (and opinions) which is huge for folks new to the ADV side as I am. I plan to be solo most of the time...
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    Tie down points on the ST

    Folks, I have a noob question about strapping down the ST for it's ride home from the dealership. I'm about to pull the trigger on my purchase but the dealer is out of town so I will go fetch it with my enclosed trailer. Not having a bike to look at, I don't know where on the front of the bike...
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    Greetings from So Cal

    Hi, just joining the group as I'm about to pull the trigger on a Tenere. I'm a tall rider and would be interested in any mods other tall folks have made. I'm aware of the "flat seat" mod so I'll be doing that first. I'm not new to riding, just want something smaller so I don't have to ride...
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