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  1. Xclimation

    How Do I Remove a Broken Spark plug on a 2012 Super Tenere?

    Glad you got it sorted! Got it done right at a good shop and got ECU reflashed to boot!
  2. Xclimation

    Your thoughts on it costing $10,000 ?

    Should cost $8k USD. It's a KLR650 with ABS. ABS should be mandatory in the first place. It needs to prove itself reliability before asking above $8k USD. One can get a used KLR 650 with proven reliability, toughness and one jug (sparkplug, etc.) to worry about for much less than half....Can get...
  3. Xclimation

    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Where!!??!! Thank You in Advance! How long was turn around? How were your valves? What mileage?
  4. Xclimation

    What do you think about CyClop light bar for super tenere?

    On the front of my bike and a picture of the bike I have a light that I paid $19.99 from China. It’s just as bright if not brighter than the rigid or the cyclops. I’ve had it on the bike now for about three or four years no problems at all. Did I mention that it is bright as heck!
  5. Xclimation

    Harley Pan American details
  6. Xclimation

    User review; from R1200gsa lc 2016 to super tenere 1200 2019 non ES.

    Thank you for the review and comparison! I love these comparisons like this cause I always wonder what and if I may be missing out on something. Especially when I go to the dealer and sit on those new shiny bikes!
  7. Xclimation

    A good dealio
  8. Xclimation

    WOOT.....Super Score today

    Those are ammo cans. Can be bought at army/navy surplus stores for $40USD or less. Many ways to attach them to your racks. The Happy Trail is the easiest and best in my opinion.
  9. Xclimation

    Throttle body sinc.

    Interesting idea. Trying to wrap my head around it. But are the throttle bodies synched with this mod?
  10. Xclimation

    North Texas Meet & Greet , Saturday, October 26, 2019

    Yes! Thank You! A Great time!
  11. Xclimation

    Newbie mistake

    Yeppers....dropped mine a couple or few times....
  12. Xclimation

    North Texas Meet & Greet , Saturday, October 26, 2019

    Got off work...I'll be there for sure!
  13. Xclimation

    North Texas Meet & Greet , Saturday, October 26, 2019

    As of now...I have to work...but I'm going to do my best to get off work. Count me in! Looking forward to it! Thank You for the invite!
  14. Xclimation


    Sorry! Glad you are alive!
  15. Xclimation

    Two Brothers Racing exhaust for sale (SOLD)

    Amazed no one has jumped on this dealio? If I didn't have my exhaust set up, then I'd be ALL over this!
  16. Xclimation

    Domiosports anyone tried this? Wonder if anyone has tried this or know someone who has tried it?
  17. Xclimation

    New Honda 2020 ES

    I'm terrified of DCT!! Terrified that I'll like it! So far EVERYONE I know that has ridden a DCT has liked it. There is at least one member here who has a Tenere and a DCT Africa Twin and it seems he rides the Africa Twin more. I drive a manual transmission car and do not like autos...(or...
  18. Xclimation

    New Honda 2020 ES

    I will say this about new electronics and technology...... I remember when 99% of cars were carbed. I was awesome with repairing and tuning carbs. Then fuel injection came out....I thought it was so awful and terrible (probably was dramatic about it.) Now I'd never go back to carbed! I remember...
  19. Xclimation

    New Honda 2020 ES

    I am more than happy with my Tenere. But....I am impressed with the upgrades in this next Africa Twin. Honda is trying. Can't fault them for that. Looks like this Africa Twin is on par or above the BMWs and KTMs with all those electronics and rider modes. The auto suspensions, braking, etc...
  20. Xclimation

    Anyone know if the 2020 will be updated?

    Personally I hope they don't change anything pretty.. If it ain't broke then don't fix it! I always hate it when they update something that I have it makes me want the new one and I hate having that feeling! Especially when I'm pretty close to having my bike dialed in the way I want it. On top...
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