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  1. tomatocity

    Heated Grips Screen Disappears

    2014 ES / Heated Grips Screen Disappears / 35,900 miles / Warranty Repair Occasionally the screen for Heated Grips would disappear though would return. Eventually the screen would not return. Took the 2014 ES to the Service Department of PCP Motorsports (Sacramento CA). Talked to them about...
  2. tomatocity

    Heated Grips / Grip Warmers Don't Function 2015 ES

    A couple weeks ago I could not find the Grip Warmers to turn them on. Today I was looking for the power fuse so I could check it. No luck. > Checked the manual and forum and could not find the power source / fuse > The engine was running > The Grip Warmer does not display while riding or...
  3. tomatocity

    Riding Into The Sunset

    Who will be riding into the sunset on the Summer Solstice the longest daylight of this year? I should be riding west to Lake Berryessa unless I can find another good location. Maybe The Point Marina in Rio Vista. Maybe Sherman Island. First I have to replace...
  4. tomatocity

    California Sierra Passes

    For any rider planning to ride the California Sierra Passes... the not so good news is Sonora (CA-108) and Ebbetts (CA-4) will not be open for the Memorial Day weekend . It is not uncommon to ride these passes in a loop and I have been Jonesin' to do this but...
  5. tomatocity

    Rain Pants

    Spotted this deal and the it is rain season.
  6. tomatocity

    International Motorcycle Show Long Beach CA November 18 - 20, 2016

  7. tomatocity

    ALTRIDER SYNCH DRY BAG Has anyone purchased, seen, used the new Altrider Synch Dry Bag(s)? Comments / Reviews...
  8. tomatocity

    Rigid Industries mounted on Altrider Bars

    I am trying to mount Rigid Industries D2 lights on the Altrider Protection Bars. ...Trying not to mount them on the outside since they could be damaged during a tip-over. ...Don't want to mount them in front of the radiator air inlet for obvious reasons. ...Looking at the area where the Upper...
  9. tomatocity

    DSBP Raid Toolbox

    Who has a Gen2 DSBP Raid Toolbox? Wanted to know if the Gen2 DSBP Raid Toolbox gets wet inside. I had a Gen1 DSBP Raid Toolbox and there were problems. I sealed everywhere other than the door and it allowed water to get inside. If the Gen2 stays dry inside I will buy another.
  10. tomatocity

    If You Haven't Washed Your Helmet...

    You should... ... Removed the padding and put it in the kitchen sink with warm water and a dab of soap. Let it soak for 30 minutes. Drained the water and rinsed the padding. Hung the padding out to dry in 100 degree sun. Came inside and saw a dirt ring around the sink. Cleaned the sink. Note...
  11. tomatocity

    Owner's Manual

    So I lost my Owner's Manual, probably in a motel, and ordered another. While reading it I couldn't find any information about about the Electronic Suspension. I remember my OM having a blue cover. The OW I got has a gray cover. Is there two manuals? Owner's Manual Super Tenere XTZ12F XTZ12FC...
  12. tomatocity

    Amgen Tour - Stage 4 Anyone following the Amgen Tour this year? I am thinking of following Stage 4 with many miles of great roads and riding.
  13. tomatocity

    Cycle Gear Bilt Motorcycle Cover I purchased a Bilt Motorcycle Cover (XL) in 2012 and take it with me (if I have room) when I travel. Works and fits well but don't get it close to a hot exhaust. When using this cover one thing I can depend on is "out of...
  14. tomatocity

    8/14/2015 - 2015 ES spotted Redding CA

    Spotted a beautiful red 2015 while I was on 273 southbound
  15. tomatocity

    Wallupa Road

    Advice needed. Planning a route between Boggan's Oasis and OR-82 near Wallowa. How difficult is the switch back section of Wallupa Road? My GoogleMaps suck and can't get a good look at the road. I am guessing this section is dirt. Any informatio appreciated.
  16. tomatocity

    Who owns a Super Tenere and a KLR ?

    Who owns a Super Tenere and a KLR ? Tell us about both and why.
  17. tomatocity

    Brake / Clutch Line Length

    I need to lengthen the front brake and clutch lines so I can add the Rox 2" Pivot rider. How much longer do the lines need to be?
  18. tomatocity

    8/14/2015 - 2015 ES spotted Redding CA

    Spotted a beautiful red 2015 ES while I was on 273 southbound
  19. tomatocity

    Dampening Error Light

    Coming home from a movie last night and noticed a Dampening error light. Could not change the settings while riding. Stopped and got gas (5.63 gallons) and the error light was still on after restarting. Got home turned off the engine and restarted... the error light was still on. Tired...
  20. tomatocity

    Rox Risers for 2014+ Super Tenere

    Rox Speed FX Rox Pivoting Handlebar Risers 2014+ Super Tenere Rox P/N - 1R-P2PPS10A Altrider P/N - RO02-1-2013 2" rise, 1/18" bar diameter New in Original Packaging The price will be better than retail Contact: Michael Spratt PCP Motorsports, Sacramento CA 916 428-4040 #3...
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