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  1. limey

    Bleeding the clutch.

    I’ve searched forum with no luck.I’ve never had a problem bleeding the clutch but this time I just can’t get the bloody air out of the system. And the reason for bleeding was the clutch grabbing at a stop. The bike is at 167,000km . Thanks.
  2. limey

    Another ABS problem.

    My ABS light has been coming on and off for a few months now and this week I did a trip in Northern Quebec to ride the Trans-Taiga road. Anyway I needed heated gear for most of the trip and when the ABS light came on the heated liner would shut off and then I would turn the switch for the gear...
  3. limey

    Top end rebuild.

    Yes my 2012 with 140,000km needs a top end rebuild, I’ve been quoted $2000usd and I’m hoping someone out there has a complete engine I can swap out. Found one on eBay for $2495usd, $250 shipping to Buffalo then I have to deal with duties. Cheers Paul.
  4. limey

    Vacation rental Martinez Lake.

    Looking at a house rental in the Martinez lake North Shore area for February/ March 2018. Any comments from members that have ridden in the area would be appreciated. We did rent last year in Tonto basen and really enjoyed our stay. Just looking for something different.
  5. limey

    Cracks in rear wheel.

    So do I replace at $625CND or have it welded? Thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. limey

    Retracting the CCT the easy way.

    Hope this helps.
  7. limey

    Romney May 5-7th 2017

    Thought I would give this a try. Anyone interested from the Toronto arena heading down for the Romney Rally? It's only 700km and its for a good cause.
  8. limey

    2017 model info - NOT the Super Tenere.

    Wishing for the 700 Ténéré . Maybe the end of next year.
  9. limey

    Arizona in February.

    Need some advice from you southern folks. The wife and I are looking to get away from the snow and cold in February of 2017, going to trailer the bikes down from Toronto Canada and looking at renting a place in Cave Creek Arizona. Wondering what the weather is going to be like and what the...
  10. limey

    Inuvik to Tuktoyuktuk open fall 2017'
  11. limey

    Need help with route .

    Ok guys I will be leaving from Toronto Ontario and crossing the border at Niagra Falls I'm going to try and leave about 4 or 5 days before the Rally and hopping you guys can help me out with a route, camping and must things to see on the way down. I'd like to stay off the interstates if posible...
  12. limey


    Any one use the BeadProTire Bead Breaker on there Heidenaus ?
  13. limey


    Thought I would give this a try. Anyone close to Radison Quebec willing to pick up a rear tire and ride up with it for $300 Sent from my SM-G900W8 using Tapatalk
  14. limey

    New BMW Starbucks addition.

  15. limey

    Ténéré 660 or 1200?

    Ok guys I'm in the planing stage of my retirement trip for February 2016 in New Zealand. I want to do as much of backroads as posible plus camping and no passenger. I need to decide between the 660 or the 1200. I'm thinking more in favor for the 660 as you know the 1200 is a heavy pig To pick up...
  16. limey

    Super KLR

    Ok whos is this?
  17. limey

    Spring is just around the corner.

    Ok guys and girls, won't be long before this crapy winter is behinde us.Who in the Toronto area or beyond wants to meet up for some day or weekend rides?
  18. limey

    Swagger ?

    Hope the guy is ok the last time he checked in was May 07, 2014, 04:26:38 am.
  19. limey

    Who's in for Arkansas .

    I know this is a long shot but I will give it a try. Anyone in the Toronto area interested In the 2014 Super Ténéré rally in Arkansas . I will be leaving (hopefully) on Sunday October 19th and riding at night. And heading home on the 24th. Weather wise it will be around 5c for that time of...
  20. limey

    Horizon unlimited

    Any one going to this years HU ?
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