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  1. Don T

    An interesting day - test riding V85TT, 790 Adventure and T7.

    Finally the day came, where I got to test ride the 3 bikes back to back that have caught my interest. After reading/seeing multiple reviews of the bikes, it was great to try them and create my own opinion. I enjoyed riding all 3 but damn they are different. Between the test rides I was...
  2. Don T

    The Vikings pay a visit...

    My girlfriend and I are visiting Australia in July and would love to meet up with locals during our stay. From the 1st to 6th we will do a tour of the National Parks in northern NT. We will be staying in Darwin from late afternoon the 6th until the 8th where we catch a plane to Cairns in the...
  3. Don T

    MotoZ Tractionator GPS review.

    I recommend MotoZ Tractionator GPS for your S10 if you often leave the tarmac behind. Newly mounted in the spring of 2018: I've been running a set for 25.000 km now (all of 2018). They perform really well on tarmac - both wet and dry - and provide impressive traction on dirt and gravel. Even...
  4. Don T

    KTM 790 Adventure R - a likely replacement for my S10.

    I picked up a brand new S10 in the fall of 2015. It now has 90.000 km on the clock and runs better than ever. I'm still very pleased with the bike and plan on keeping it for at least another year or two. In resent years my riding have moved progressively towards unpaved roads and trails -...
  5. Don T

    Handlebar bag that fits the 2Gen S10..?

    I have thought about getting a handlebar bag for my 2Gen S10. This bag from Wunderlich should fit: I like the size of it and that it has a waterproof cable grommet which will allow me to charge stuff inside the bag while...
  6. Don T

    Passenger grab handle bolts - which size?

    A quick question. My bike was delivered from the factory without passenger grab handles. I have now purchased a set of Holan Nomada panniers. To mount the rack I need 4 bolts the same size as those that holds the passenger grab handles - what size is the bolts? My guess is 40 mm long 10 mm...
  7. Don T

    When the rear wheel spins and the front doesn't (warning lights etc...)

    The first time it happend was when I had my 2015 S10 dyno tested. Result: TCS warning light came on - shortly followed by the engine trouble warning light. According the owners manual page 3-28 this is normal in this kind of situation. When both wheels are spinning normally again and you reach...
  8. Don T

    The Ardennes September 2015 - A weekend out with the boys.

    Last month I took my S10 abroad for the first time. I have posted a RR on Advrider:
  9. Don T

    Anyone using Wolfman Boulder Beta Bag?

    I considering which luggage system I'm going to use on my S10. I'm more or less decided on a soft solution. Wolfman Boulder Beta Bag has caught my eye. It has the capacity I need, seems very functional and I only hear good things about the quality of Wolfman products. Does any of you use it...
  10. Don T

    Stock 2015 with 5.000 km on the clock - Dyno result.

    Dropped by the local Dyno guy yesterday to see what kind of power my S10 can transfer to the tarmac. He did 5 runs: 1st run 97.08 hp - 2nd, 3rd and 4th 98.xx hp - 5th 100.02 hp. Graph of the 5th run: Not bad with only 5.000 km on the clock - and more than I expected.
  11. Don T

    Needed a bit of permanent storage capacity - Pelican case 1150 was the solution.

    The S10 doesn't have much "under the seat" storage capacity. Under the seat I could fit a tire repair kit and the tool kit space behind the right panel can only just hold a slightly upgraded tool kit (I've added a multi tool and a small flashlight to the OEM kit). Besides the tool kit and the...
  12. Don T

    Raising Touratech lockable GPS mount on the accessorie bar.

    I have a lockable Touratech GPS mount for my Zumo 660. When I first mounted it on the accessorie bar above the dash on my 2015 S10 I encountered the problem that it sat so low, that it obstructed my view of the dash. By tilting it up it was only the turn signal indicators that was covered...
  13. Don T

    Head light adjustment.

    I needed to adjust the headlight on my S10 as it was too high and I found the info I needed here on the forum - thanks ::008::
  14. Don T

    Rear rack to replace the pillion seat - but slightly longer than the seat..?

    Do any of you know of a luggage rack that replaces the pillion seat and go all the way to the back of the bike without reaching behind the tail light? In this picture I've indicated what I'm looking for: Cheers Tonny
  15. Don T

    Oil coming out the shaft drives breather/seal area - a problem?

    I stumbled upon a few stories about differential oil leaking from the shaft under certain conditions. An example is this from an RR on ADVrider: Is it something I should worry about :-\
  16. Don T

    Hello from Denmark.

    Hi all. I've been riding bikes for the last 20 years, and done around 400.000km on two wheels. At the moment I ride a CB1000R on the street and a WR250R in the dirt. I'm looking for a replacement for the Honda, and have narrowed the choices down to 3 bikes: Super Tenere, Tiger 800 and F800GS...
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