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    BMW GS Update

    Nice looking bike, enjoy!
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    My son is home for a few days, transferring from Okinawa Japan to Hill AFB, so we went on a father/son ride. Beautiful day east of San Diego. I picked up the R6 for him a few months ago and fixed it up, this was the first time we took it out of the neighborhood.
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    No more tank bag!! Hurray!!

    I agree that the tank bag collects stuff, I have a lot of crap in mine but don't feel like it has an effect on how the bike handles. I guess I will go through it and start throwing stuff out, it's sort of like my lady's purse.....just collects junk until it gets full.
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    I rode from San Diego to Colorado Springs and back last week. The last few hundred miles home were miserable, no way to get to San Diego without going through heat. I decided to take a non-interstate route and went by Glamis (Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area). I know the air temp gauge on...
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    I'm in San Diego, what size is the gear...or rather your height/weight may be even better? I'd like to check it out if it fits. I have a buddy in Ramona looking for a Tenere but he kind of wants a Gen 2, but if the price is right he could be swayed.
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    Busted front seals

    I've been found out!
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    Busted front seals

    Mine started leaking last year, I cleaned them a few times but it just kept coming back. I just changed them, made a YouTube video if you need any help.....not sure how helpful my videos are though, sometimes I do stupid stuff! :D
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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Did some riding in east San Diego County, checked out an almost 100 year old dam. Dam good time!
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    Riding the PCH

    PCH is absolutely beautiful. I'm blessed living in CA, but haven't ridden it as much as I should. Great pictures and ride report.
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    Greetings from So Cal

    Check out San Diego Adventure Riders if you haven't already.
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    Retired Sailor in Southern Illinois saying "Hello"...

    Welcome aboard shipmate. I'se hard, I am, I is, I arrrgghhh!
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    Greetings from So Cal

    Hello from San Diego. I agree, it's unusual to say the Tenere is lighter than something, but I guess there are some heavy bikes out there. I just picked up a Kawasaki Nomad 1600 that's probably got 200 pounds on the Tenere.
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    Spark Plug - Potential issues

    The front tire spews water up on top of the engine. If you ride through heavy rain long enough, it will also swamp out the air box. I found this out after riding in torrential rain in Canada for two days straight.
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    Portable 12V air pump/tire inflator

    I have a bicycle hand pump along with a tire plug repair kit (string type) tucked under the right side panel by the battery. I also carry a DynaPlug 12VDC pump that plugs into the SAE plug I have attached to the battery. I have used both, never had to seat a bead with either so I can't attest...
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    Oil Filter Question

    People keep hitting me up saying since I run Fram filters my bike is going to explode, my house is going to burn down, my dog is going to get pregnant and I will get a bad case of crabs......but none of that has happened yet. Key word here is yet. I do like their availability, but if someone...
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    Could we check valves by sound?

    I believe EricV was talking about setting cam timing when removing the cams to set valve clearance, not adjusting timing.
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    Could we check valves by sound?

    All of this got me thinking about my work in the Navy. I spent the majority of my career in helicopter squadrons as an aviation mechanic. We had vibration analysis programs, usually only done during scheduled maintenance done at certain hour increments (150 flight hours, for example). The...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Fork seals and fresh oil. Made a video, will be on YouTube soon. I should have ordered bushings as well, there was some wear and I am going to have to pull them apart again to replace the bushings. 45,000-ish miles on the bike, so if you are getting some miles on the bike it probably makes...
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    Could we check valves by sound?

    Well it's the price for progress, I guess you could say. We have a compact, somewhat high revving engine design with less moving parts, the valve adjustment interval is extended considerably but it adds to the maintenance time to adjust them. Yes, most motorcycle valve adjustments are not...
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    Could we check valves by sound?

    Preventative maintenance shouldn't be considered spending time for a non-existent problem. It's a health check, like when you get a physical at the doctor. It's not a waste of time to know that there's nothing wrong with your body, just like it's not a waste to know that your engine is...
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