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    Help me find boots for my fat feet.

    I need help finding some boots that will fit my wide feet. Alpinestars Corozals were too narrow. Forma Terra Evos didn’t fit well, and didn’t seem to offer much more protection than my Adventures. I just got a pair of Toucans to try. They still feel just a little tight. Any other suggestions? I...
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    Operating temperature variations

    My wife and I both ride S10’s. Mine is a ‘15 ES, 26k miles. Hers is a ‘14 non-ES, 8k milesI’ve noticed that my bike seems to run a bit warmer than hers. Running down the highway here in the summer, my temps will be between 208-215, whereas hers seems to run more in the 186-195 range. The highest...
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    Handlebar movement issue

    So, the other day I was riding and it felt like my handlebars were off. My right hand was farther forward than my left. I was able to stop, put the wheel between my legs and twist them back to true, but I can see them flex and twist slightly at the place where the bars mount to the upper...
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    Which route would you take?

    I’m heading to Utah (Dugway Proving Grounds) for training the first week of August. I’ve been approved to take leave before and after the training and to ride my motorcycle. I’ve pretty much decided that, on the way home, I will cut through the SW corner of Wyoming and then head south through...
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    Gen 1 new recall I just got this email. Heads up to you Gen 1 owners.
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    So, how does this happen?

    So, someone want to explain how this happens?
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    Aux lighting: What am I missing?

    So, I have a 2015 ES with Rumbux crash bars and I'm wanting to add auxiliary lighting both to increase my nighttime lighting and my daylight visibility without spending a whole lot of money. I've done quite a bit of reading on here and I've picked out the following products...
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    SOLD: 2006 HD Heritage Softail Classic

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    OEM Side Case mounting kit install ?

    Can anyone point me to some installation instructions for the OEM side cases? I bought a set off a poster here and need to find some install instructions.
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    Pro Taper Raptor install tips?

    I’ve tried searching, but couldn’t find anything really definitive. I bought a set of the Pro Taper Raptor bars for my 2015 ES. What all do I need to do to install them with stock controls and handguards?
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    Upper crash bars and skidplate with Yamaha bars

    I could use a little help with this. My wife's new S10 cam with the Yamaha bars. I'd like to add upper bars and a skidplate to it. From what I've been able to find, Rumbux makes a set of bars, as does DSBP. Are there any other options?I haven't found anywhere in the US to buy the DSBP bars...
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    Making the change

    Seven years riding, all on cruisers, 6 of it on HD's. I've always wanted to try ADV riding and get off the pavement, and I've decided now is the perfect time. I sold my beautiful '14 Street Glide Friday, rode 4 different ADV bikes this weekend, and I've decided the Super Tenere is the bike for...
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