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  1. Millwright98

    SOLD ... Russel Day-long Saddle

    I'll take it ! - PM Sent
  2. Millwright98


    @MIMSEY ... you bike would have been a dealer trade with Liberty CC in Dartmouth.... That's where I bought my '17 ES..... they are also a great shop to deal with and very accommodating ! :cool:
  3. Millwright98

    SOLD Garmin Zumo 550 GPS For Sale

    @WJBertrand , @dmulk ... there was a period of time around 10 years ago, that Sirrius/XM lifetime subscription was available for the lifetime of the unit it was registered to....a great deal if you never had a problem with the unit, it was non-transferrable to another device. Has not been...
  4. Millwright98

    SOLD Sargent Seats

    Re: Sargent Seats dibs....PM sent
  5. Millwright98

    New Super Tenere owner from Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Wicked ! ... I'll keep an eye out for you...not many Super T's in NS !
  6. Millwright98

    Used Solo Corbin seat for sale; SOLD

    Re: Used Solo Corbin seat for sale PM sent
  7. Millwright98

    Hello fron halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    Hello all.... sold my '02 Vstrom and dropped the wadd on an new 2017 ES .... 1500km in and loving this machine!!