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  1. gapmtn1

    2014 Super Tenere for Sale

    A 2nd Gen with 17K for $6300? Someone will be getting a deal!
  2. gapmtn1

    First long trip with the S10 - It was interesting!

    So with TCS... I have forgotten more than once that it will reset from "off" to "full" when the ignition is turned off. This almost got me into trouble in a remote, sloppy section of a BDR. Again, more of a user error... Oh, and I hate sand.
  3. gapmtn1

    Black Hills BDRX

    Nice report! As a serial overpacker, curious what you would have jettisoned.
  4. gapmtn1

    Looking for this bag... Do you know ? Looks like that but it's out of stock.
  5. gapmtn1

    RPM range & highway riding

    So, for the "Get across Kansas as fast as possible" crowd... even when the big girl drinks heavily at higher speeds, you are (can be) still time ahead even if you have to stop more. Lots of assumptions here, but: Gallons used per fuel stop ("tank") = 5.5 Time for fuel stop = 20 min Distance to...
  6. gapmtn1

    I have a 2023 Super Tenere, the owner's manual says 91 octane fuel?

    Ethanol IMO is only a concern for older equipment and/or when the fuel sits for a while. The local country store has ethanol free pumps, and I use it for mowers, tillers, weedeaters etc. I don't mind paying extra for premium but the added $$$ for E0 for a FI bike ridden on the reg isn't worth it...
  7. gapmtn1

    PSA, please at least glance at it, it could be life saving

    Glad you made it out. You just never know. My uncle (great uncle, technically) was a city firefighter for 30+ years and my hero. He retired. A few years later he has routine hip replacement... got MRSA and died. Did not get to enjoy retirement with his wife or see his grandkids grow up. So...
  8. gapmtn1

    High Fender

    If you are looking for a couple of extra inches for functionality to deal with mud accumulation, check out this kit... it's from a member here (right?) I've looked at it several times and conversed with the guy but still haven't pulled...
  9. gapmtn1

    large fuel tank

    No bar risers needed?
  10. gapmtn1

    How to silence the stock exhaust ST1200

    I like quiet bikes as well... and agree with the group; this bike is fairly quiet. Don't we have other members from NL? Maybe meet up with them and compare / confirm you are stock or there isn't some other issue?
  11. gapmtn1

    For the BDR folks.... Corprate participation

    Oil does settle down dust so win win
  12. gapmtn1

    Short Key for OEM Panniers.

    Additional saddlebag lock issue is the little screws on the interior side can back out and leave you... screwed. Loctite and then forget about it.
  13. gapmtn1

    Ahoy! from North Carolina, USA

    Awesome riding in your area! Welcome!
  14. gapmtn1

    Looking for your wisdom on panniers

    This is true. Pushing down is my SOP when closing these cases. When riding, touring, packing, gearing up, everything has a procedure. Calamity will ensue if not followed! :D
  15. gapmtn1

    Looking for your wisdom on panniers

    I have OEM and with a couple of basic cheap tricks they are fine. No, they aren't going to take the hits that the Touratechs, above, can handle. I have some cash stashed away for replacing the OEMs when I smash them but they've taken all the (not insignificant) abuse I've given them so far. If...
  16. gapmtn1

    Looking for your wisdom on panniers

    From what you describe... I would take into consideration not just the width of the panniers, but also how closely they tuck to the bike. Some manufacturer's mounting racks hug the bike closer than others.
  17. gapmtn1

    Tablet based Nav, Non-Garmin / TomTom / (NAV)

    I've just started looking at the Samsung Active Tab 3, as my ancient phablet is starting to get flakey. No real findings to report yet though. There are various Amazon knockoffs for 2/3 the price but with mixed reviews. I'm looking for reliability. Still investigating...
  18. gapmtn1

    PIAA Driving Lights

    Clearwater Ericas can be purchased with mount that's similar to the PIAAs. Way better lights than PIAA.
  19. gapmtn1

    New member, 8 year S10 rider !

    Hmm, extra fuel, from QC, wooden bridge... bet you were on a fun adventure! Was in eastern QC last year; would repeat!
  20. gapmtn1

    Brooks Autosports panniers

    Fit on Yamaha super tenere 1200XT Series, DO NOT work on ES model. Dang.