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    April Ride To Eat (RTE) in Frederick, MD (MD, NoVA, WVA, DC)

    I will try to make it as well.. I will just be returning from Whitewater Rafting so I do hope I am back in time to make it.... would love to meet other riders... the 27000 miles I put on my last bike was all solitary riding and I am tired of that. The meet is only 24miles from my house so is a...
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    H&B cases, did a little different then most.....

    looks good... I know what you mean about prioritizing purchases... I am going one for one.. Sidebags first, crashbar second, topcase third and the next purchase will be a skid plate.
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    New Tenere Owner, Gaithersburg, MD

    Sorry all.. Been in Thailand so haven't been keeping up with responses... 1. Not the one from Battley... I did look at it and was going to purchase that one but the Burg caught a flat in VA so when I took it into Coleman of Falls Church, I did not walk out with it. 2. Sail2xxs----- Already...
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    New Tenere Owner, Gaithersburg, MD

    I had a Burg 650. It was the first bike I ever owned and we covered a lot of pavement together; 27,000 in four years. I had been yearning for an adventure type ever since I thought to get a motorcycle in 07. I instead went with the Burg which has been very good to me and taught me a great deal...
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    New Tenere Owner, Gaithersburg, MD

    got the blue one as well. Thanks for the welcome.
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    New Tenere Owner, Gaithersburg, MD

    just purchased mine Saturday... My Burgman (yes I said Burgman) had a nail in the front tire and was due for an expensive bit a maintenance. Took it in to a service/dealer location and just knew I had no intentions of leaving with it. I bought the Burg brand New in 08 and been with it for...