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  1. talcon

    ACD skid plate rant

    I ride a lot of mountain twisties, so I guess I'll wait and see how it does. Thanks for the warning though. I'll have to remember to hang off a bit in the corners. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. talcon

    ACD skid plate rant

    Yes, it's easy if you install from the top first and then connect at the center stand. Do the reverse for removal. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. talcon

    ACD skid plate rant

    I just finished installing the ACD skid plate on my 2015 ES w/AltRider crash bars. I did the whole thing on the side stand. I used the bolts and spacers that came with the skid plate but may eventually replace these with the studs. The oil filter has the least clearance towards the top (see...
  4. talcon

    Michigan - All Clubs Day 2016 - Stockbridge Sep 18 noon-4pm

    I've been going since 2007 and they had already moved it into town by then. I heard all about the farm days from a lot of the Michigan guys in the Concours Owners Group.
  5. talcon

    Michigan - All Clubs Day 2016 - Stockbridge Sep 18 noon-4pm

    Annual Stockbridge, Michigan - All Clubs Day!! - Sunday, September 18, 2016, noon-4pm. This is the classic bike show everybody looks forward to! We usually meet up on the South side of the town square around noon,. It's also a beautiful area to ride in, including the Waterloo and Pinckney...
  6. talcon

    Vizitec Supabrake Brake Light Modulator Install (pics & video)

    For those that wanted to see video:
  7. talcon

    Pic of '15 ES with Jesse Luggage

    Did you keep your hand rails or lose them?
  8. talcon

    Pic of '15 ES with Jesse Luggage

    Just so you know - there is a fitment issue on the ES with the left bracket. They send a 2" & 2 1/2" spacer to hold the bracket out on the right side from the electronic suspension goodies under the cover above the passenger foot peg. They sent me 1 1/2 " spacers for the left side - the bag...
  9. talcon

    2015 Yamaha Tenere ES...NY

    Curious what you're planning to trade it in for? :question:
  10. talcon

    How many of you do wear protective clothing, because........

    My motto "Dress for the slide, not for the ride". I also own both a mesh suit and a Stich Roadcrafter. I never bring both on a ride though - I look at the predominant temps beforehand and decide. I've been down at speed twice - ruined both helmets and riding suits - minor scrapes and a broken...
  11. talcon

    Highway crusing speeds?

    I never exceed the speed limit - that's my story and I'm sticking to it. ::)
  12. talcon

    First Gear mesh jacket - ??

    This is my plan - get a froggtog set to wear over the mesh suit. If you would be okay with a red or blue Firstgear Mesh jacket, you can pick one up here for $80: I...
  13. talcon

    My 2015 FJ-09 I traded in on my SupTen

    My dad is looking at the FJ-09 right now.. he currently has a Honda CB500F and is looking to upgrade a bit. He's told me he's jealous of my Ténéré :)
  14. talcon

    No where to put your phone

    I read the original post as just looking for a place to set the phone while charging off the bike. I only worry about charging the phone on trips though. I run the Garmin Smartlink app then - which also provides traffic and weather radar to the Zumo so that can burn up some battery. .I run...
  15. talcon

    Grip Heaters on '14-'15 ES

    Yes - I had the same Ah Ha moment! Then I also read it in the owners manual! Doh!
  16. talcon

    Grip Heaters on '14-'15 ES

    You're holding in the menu button for a few seconds and going to the setup menu - NOT the selection menu. Get out of it, and just hit the menu button for a split second once or twice until you see the heated grips on the right screen. Edit: then press the up/down arrows to choose from low/med/high
  17. talcon

    Garmin Zumo 340 / 390 Range mouting to S10

    A better picture I found - on the 590, the cables are part of the motorcycle mount, on the 390 it looks like they plug in somehow. the motorcycle mount in the lower left corner and the ram plate is just to the upper right from it.
  18. talcon

    Garmin Zumo 340 / 390 Range mouting to S10

    I own the Zumo 660 and the 590LM and I can tell you it comes with everything you need to mount it to the bike. You wire the motorcycle mount into power, and it has leads for Microphone, line in, and speakers out. Additionally, the 590LM has a USB connector wire, and I would assume the 390 has...
  19. talcon

    Garmin 590

    I just mounted mine - plugged it into switched power at the aux light lead near the battery - tucked all the extra cable up over top of the toolkit, and ran the USB port just outside the right side cover so I can still use it. I'm bluetoothing to the headset and phone.
  20. talcon

    Moab on Dual Sports

    Probably froze your ass off... but you'll remember it fondly! :)