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    So, where do you pee??

    In these current and difficult times we are experiencing, whatchagonna do when nature calls you?? I'll lead with a few of my solutions. Fortunately, I live and ride in a relatively sparsely populated area, so a bathroom break is rarely a problem. I have a few female rider friends and they...

    Lowering links Lusk type

    I sold my 2018 Super Tenere ES and I have a set of Lusk (U.K.) lowering links. Also too, I have an SW Motech tail plate with the hardware to easily install it on your Tenere. I'm in Canada (South Western Ontario) Offers....????...just want to get rid of these items...both are gently used and...

    Sold my Super Tenere parts 4 sale

    Hey Tenere riders in Canada, Well, I morphed back to the Africa Twin, this time in a DCT...lovin' it. Arthritis in my hands, a day of clutching (unbearable) So, following items for sale: Yamaha OEM lower seat Lowering links Slime compact 12V air pump Yamaha OEM tall windscreen SW Motech rear...

    My Super Tenere luggage

    Hi All, I rode my Tenere home from the dealership with the OEM panniers installed, and just yesterday, I rode it back to the same dealership with the panniers, OMG are these panniers brutal in the wind on the expressway. So, I really never used these panniers. Instead, I created my own pannier...

    Oil change today

    So, since I'm going to be putting my Tenere away for the winter soon, I began to change the oil. Usually the engine is warmed up as normally I do oil changes with a warm crankcase. However; today, I chose to change the oil with a completely cold engine. I removed the forward oil drain plug and...

    Cruise control (intermittent failures)

    My cruise control only works sometimes, but not all of the time. I rode the bike today. I turned the key on , waited for it to go through the brief cycle and a code of "090" is displayed. I turn the key off, pause, turn on the key, and it goes through the brief cycle and all looks normal. In...

    Well, she sure burns gas

    I did a trip yesterday and rode a mix of country and expressway roads. A total of 420 km, or 420 x .625 = 262 miles, then she began to sputter, well shit oh dear I says to meself. I could see a petrol (gas) station ahead, but didn't quite make it. Prior to total loss of power, the bike would...

    Highway pegs for SW motech 27 mm bars

    Anyone out there made something to fit some highway pegs on SW MOTECH crash bars on the Tenere? Motech's prices for pegs is absurd. appreciated. SHUMBA Sent from my SM-A520W using Tapatalk

    I'm installing an addional LED brake light

    I found an LED light to provide addional recognition when slowing or stopping. I removed the licence plate and reattached it lower, just beneath this new LED. The LED is 6 in x 2 in or 150 mm x 50 mm. I need to know how to access the wiring to the brakes lights. Ideally if I can get the new LED...
  10. SHUMBA

    Sena helmet camera - catch those nasty cagers!

    I installed a Sena Prism tube wifi camera onto my helmet,. Add a micro sd card up to 64 gb and buy a 10,000 ma power pack and you can operate the camera all day long. Be sure to set the to the loop function so you won't run out of space on the micro sd card, it writes over the beginning footage...
  11. SHUMBA

    Always look your bike over

    A planned ride almost didn't happen today.. I sat on my Tenere and something didn't quite feel just right. I released the side stand and tried to push it back in my garage to get the exhaust closer to the open air. It wouldn't budge. It wasn't on the usual lean to the left when on the side stand...
  12. SHUMBA


    I Purchased a SENA PRISM TUBE WIFI CAMERA recently and I'm using the clamp on mount (to my helmet). which comes with the camera. I don't use it for vlogging and it's a camera only with no two way communication. Although Sena does sell other models that communicate with other Sena video cameras...
  13. SHUMBA

    Clutch pivot bolt and nut (missing)

    Attention all Tenere riders. Or all bike riders in general. I was discussing my Tenere with a KLR rider. I pointed to the left bark buster (clutch lever side) and as I focused on the buster (OEM) I noticed that it was not properly attached. I rode home a short distance away with everything...
  14. SHUMBA

    Hmmm where's the Super Teneres??

    Been in Aussie and Zealand and a little Tassie too for the past six weeks and haven't seen a Tenere. Lots of bikes with envy I visit to down under, I'm coming on me own. Back to Canada soon and hoping for an early start to the riding season.. SHUMBA Sent from my...
  15. SHUMBA

    Engine starting???

    When I park my Ten, I always ensure it is in first gear. (So, if I'm parked on a downslope it is less likely to get away on me.) When I start my bike, I have been leaving it in first gear. At times I can feel the bike want to move ahead on the starter motor. If I start the bike in neutral...
  16. SHUMBA

    Wings or wind deflectors??

    Thinking of buying a set of wings to deflect some wind blast Opinions please Do they work and are these effective? Thanks SHUMBA
  17. SHUMBA

    General Question oil and filter change

    I see the two oil drain plugs on the left side of the bike. Is it OK to change the oil with the bike on the side stand. Just asking, because I'm not yet able to exert myself to place the bike on the centre stand just yet due to some abdominal surgery. Thanks for the input in advance. SHUMBA...
  18. SHUMBA

    What is the normal operating temperature of the Tenere?

    After a short ride about town the fan came on. I parked and shut down and the fan continued to run. Temperature was 28 C or 82 F outside, and the bike's indicated temperature was 104 C or 220 F Is this normal? When I'm cruising at speed I see 75 to 85 C. SHUMBA
  19. SHUMBA

    Suspension links or Dog Bones

    Hello out there, I need some advice and help with making a decision about installing some lowering links on my 2018 ES. The seat height is about an inch too tall for me to feel comfortable. Yes I have the OEM seat in the lower position. I have researched seats only to find ridiculous prices...
  20. SHUMBA

    Stock seat - lowering

    Not a great Victoria Day Weekend due to weather. I'm contemplating acquiring a stock seat and some how modify it so I can get my feet lower by 25 mm or one inch. I'd prefer to be able to flat foot on this bike. I considered buying a Yamaha lower seat, but after reading about it, I've...