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  1. Thrasherg

    Shout out to Tabasco!

    Can I ask where in Texas you are based? My valves will need doing next year, I was going to do it myself, but iam getting lazy and my go for the Tabasco option!! I am near Dallas. cheers Gary
  2. Thrasherg

    Pure Genius

    The YPVS models where called RD in europe, they never got RZ350’s, so if that scooter was built in Europe they would call it an RD.. only the USA had RZ‘s for road use..
  3. Thrasherg

    Strike 3....Sena is out

    I had Sena 10‘s (4 units, for my wife, myself and 2 daughters), they were replaced once under warranty and then the replacements failed 14 months later, so I upgraded all 4 units to Sena 20s. These worked for 2 years and then failed, customer support was useless just pointing they were out of...
  4. Thrasherg

    Looking for seat upgrade

    I have the seat concept seat and love it, but if you are thinking about one, it does raise the front of the seat about an inch, the height of the rear of the seat does no change, this leveles the seat so you are not constantly sliding forward on the seat into the gas tank, but if you where...
  5. Thrasherg

    Montana is beautiful

    have been re-thinking it!! It has been so hot this year and they are now forecasting a colder than normal winter!! Maybe I have to move north a state or two? OK, CO or AR all look great for motorcycling and cooler weather!! As these states have mountains, I could even get back into paragliding!! :)
  6. Thrasherg

    Montana is beautiful

    we have friends in Montana, and my wife and I love to ride our bikes up there and then go visiting/sight-seeing on the bikes!! Lovely state, just too cold in the winter for my thin blood!! Staying further south in Texas!!
  7. Thrasherg

    Deadly stunt bikers prompt French crackdown

    unfortunately France and other european countries have almost no areas open to ride motorbikes (dirt bike parks or race tracks, etc) so the kids can only go mad on the streets.. Having access to dirt bike parks would probably alleviate the issue, but the governments don't want to put land aside...
  8. Thrasherg

    Touratech Garmin Zumo bracket

    When I mounted my XT with that mount, the GPS completely covered the indicator lights on the top of my dash, so I could not see if I had left my indicators turned on or not. I had to make an extension to raise the gps a bit, so I can see the indicator lights on the dash. I have a 2016 model ES...
  9. Thrasherg

    Anyone Try This Jack Up Kit

    I have the 2015 ES model and the bike was very vertical with the stock linkages, once I fitted the longer linkages, the bike now leans at a normal angle on the side stand, so no extensions where needed for the side stand, I am running a stiffer rear spring on my shock than standard. You may get...
  10. Thrasherg

    Touratech Garmin Zumo bracket

    also Madstad sells a narrower cross bar that will work with the touratech brackets!! Just another option.. Gary
  11. Thrasherg

    Anyone Try This Jack Up Kit

    I went for the 20mm lift, I am 6’2” tall so have long legs, I have Anthony’s flash on my ECU (love the bike) and a seat concept seat (big improvement over stock).
  12. Thrasherg

    Anyone Try This Jack Up Kit

    I fitted that exact kit to my ES 2 years ago, loved what it did for the handling, both on tarmac and dirt. On the road it gives quicker turn in and more cornering clearance, on the dirt I found it allowed me to move the bike around more to counter balance slides, etc.. I was and still am very...
  13. Thrasherg

    Main ignition switch...

    Can’t you simply repair the wires with a soldering iron and heat shrink sleeving? Much cheaper than a new lock and one key would still operate all the locks? If you where near Dallas, TX I would do it for you, but Florida is too far away!!
  14. Thrasherg

    If you need Super Tenere service, Im still available ~TABASCO~

    Where in TX are you? It’s a big state!! Would definitely like more details about your shop and its location, need my valves checking soon, and am less than excited about doing it myself!! Gary
  15. Thrasherg

    Trip to the Picos De Europa - Spain

    Have a great time, when I lived in the UK, we used to love taking the ferry to Spain and then ride in the mountains.. now I live in Texas so have to make do with driving to Colorado and riding in the mountains! stay safe and be sure to post some pictures..
  16. Thrasherg

    Free to A Good Member

    Congratulations on the weight loss.. hope you keep it off.
  17. Thrasherg

    Hi, I`m Gavin and the owner of a 2017 S10.

    Another welcome from Texas, my father lived in Oswestry for 15 years and I went to university in Bangor! I love wales but the weather can be a bit depressing at times, but the country side is beautiful.. Gary
  18. Thrasherg

    Turn Signals?

    Rather than adding the resistors, can you not change the flasher relay on gen1’s? I hate the idea of using resistor, on all my other bikes I fitted LED indicators and then changed the flasher relay for an LED flasher relay and everything worked perfectly. As the Tenere doesn’t have self...
  19. Thrasherg

    Another new dfw owner

    Welcome from Dallas (not too far away!!).
  20. Thrasherg

    Brad from Ohio.

    Hope you like it, had mine 6 years now and still love riding it.. welcome from Texas. Gary