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    Don,t crash while wearing shorts and nothing else

    Too was a MAGNIFICENT effort!
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    Don,t crash while wearing shorts and nothing else

    Should we nominate him for the "Darwin Awards"?
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    BMW GS Update

    Japan went absolutely to the edge with what Deming had to teach. In the process they forced the rest of the world to get better to stay competitive. When I was a kid "made in Japan" was a curse. Now it is a guarantee of quality** Can anyone say "Six Sigma"? Wally ** we won't mention...
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    Let's see your tire chains!! What kind are you using?

    Very BIG no-no here. Winter around here is hard on roads without adding chains and studs to the mix exceptions...rural mail carriers and out of state vehicles temporarily in state
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    Sport bike v. Tenere

    Sheeesh....I remember fools killing themselves on Ortega Hwy.......40 years ago. Some things refuse to change
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    Speed Bleeders and the S10

    Stainless (varies with alloy and passivation) and Aluminum may be incompatible in an electrolyte. Typically, the further apart materials are in nobility the more incompatible they are. Following is a descending nobility list I used to work from when we were tracking corrosion failures...
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    Bottom plate for AltRider mount for Givi topcase basically crumbled.

    Some thoughts and not from any expertise bending metal. Since aluminum work hardens and the cracks seem to originate from mounting points, does it make sense to try and insulate the mounting points from vibration?
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    Lighter dual sport 2nd bike recommendations

    Yup, I am all in on the TW 200. It is one of our BRC range bikes here in MN and my favorite for riding student demos. Very stable, good balance and forgiving of abuse
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    Unmodifing the st this is controversial

    Low Earth Orbit methinks........
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    What riding schools have some of you attended?

    I teach the MSF Basic Riders Course in Minnesota. MN offers multiple levels of on and off road courses through the Dept of Public Safety and Dept of Natural Resources. I have taken some of those courses and have come to the conclusion that any training that reengages us in the "Basics" is...
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    Yellow in SoCal with a Co-Pilot

    Greetings from a former HB resident and oil patch refugee! I really liked the yellow but I could not justify another $1500 over my 15 Red...color me Jealous *S*
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    Anyone got this kind of corrosion in their wheels?

    Aluminum is pH sensitive. High or low pH will strip the oxide layer and cause corrosion cells in the area as the aluminum reoxidizes. The cell stops after the the alkalinity is consumed making that "white stuff" in picture 1. Most cleaners are alkaline with pH ranging from 9-14. Really...
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    Yup, bar weights are HUGE....I would replace them before doing anything else
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    missing old bike... anything new for 2021 model??

    WOW.....hate to see what it would like after a crash.....
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    "California gas" ruined engine.

    Thanks for the updated info Chris. It has been 30 years since I worked in the California Patch