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    Paint code

    Assuming you are in the US, try these guys I have never used them. I normally take painted part to local aftermarket and have them match it. Original paint is Nippon Paint and not readily available aftermarket in US Good Luck
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    BMW GS Update

    interesting comment about Babylon on the Bay. One of my BRC's last summer had a young lady who would be attending Cal across the Bay from SF. All up and down like SF. Dad had purchased a scooter with an automatic for her to get around on. He also insisted she take the BRC with standard...
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    Bike pull left, cruise control hand off.

    I agree with the Camber, wind, drag etc issues. is it the bike itself? If so and it is in good repair (like 500 on the ODO) I doubt it would be significant. Consider, the motorcycle has 2 wheels and an engine acting like gyroscopes and they will tend to keep the bike upright and straight...
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    V-Strom 1000 is dead. No longer being made.

    there is cruise control on the XT and Adventure versions. Cruise control was a hot button for me when I bought the Tenere I owned an 02 V-Strom. Stupid quick. Much quicker than my Super T. The 02 Strom had nothing below 3300 RPM though. I really do not think Suzuki needed to add more...
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    AltRider Sucks

    Agreed on Aerostich. Awesome products. $$$ but WOW!! They will also repair Clothing that has hit the pavement They have a cool plant in a older part of Duluth, MN. If you pass thru there it is worth your time to stop and get the tour along with some "Minnesota Nice" Fortunately...
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    Red Wing

    Today at approximately 13:30. Red 2015 East Bound on MN 50 towards Red Wing
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    RE: PPG paint code needed for 12 S10

    The paint was supplied to Yamaha by Nippon Paint. I do not have the color code. The PPG or Sherwin Williams refinishing stores may have a cross reference by year/model/description. Even it they do, it may not match. Your best bet is to take a painted part into one of the refinishing...
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    What is going on with this Givi rack?

    GIVI makes solid products but their instructions really suck.
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    Cat removal on my '17 ST " how to"

    what kind of wire did you use to fill the weld?
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    Watch out for lying ads on Craigslist. Haha

    called the mattress guy and got a priority time slot at a great price!! he even through in a "spectator discount"...not sure what that is about but what a great bargain!!!
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    New Owner From Minnesota

    Greetings from a fellow Twinkie!!
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    Crossing Beartooth Pass on a (rented) Royal Enfield Himalayan

    heading there in 2 weeks. AWESOME write up
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    16 Super Tenere 4 Sale - SOLD

    Actually, activated carbon but it will still work as emergency grill fuel in any state BUT California *S*S*S*S*
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    Had a lowside, no help from TCS?

    last week I attended a "basics" class for Adventure Touring riders. Much of the instruction was done on grassy surfaces. With road tires I was very grateful for having TCS engaged. Even engaged, the rear would briefly break loose. OTOH, part of the class was without TCS and I greatly...
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    Free - Yamaha Tank Bag for Super 10 can take the boy out of Minnesota but the Nice sticks;)
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