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    where did you TAKE your Tenere today?

    Sadly I haven't ridden my Tenere for three months maybe. Been busy in the yard, garage, shed and some difficulty with a medication. Getting ready for a new roof and some repairs to the garage. I walk around the Tenere a lot. Lately I have been jonesing to ride. Maybe next week a ride to the...
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    How old are you Super Ten rider?

    DOB September 13, 1947: will be 71 next month
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    Shinko 804/805's

    Re: Shinko 804/805 I have a set on my KLR (Mitas E-07 on the Tenere) and don't like them in mud (squirrely). Other than that they are good.
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    "On bike" storage?

    I like the idea of the factory tool storage. Is there enough space for the Pump and other goodies?
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    "On bike" storage?

    The ES has almost no usable space under the seat.
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    "On bike" storage?

    With reference to the Altrider Rear Rack: Brady at Storm Industries makes a bag that fits inside the Altrider Rear Rack. I keep a MotoPumps pump and accessories (plug tool, instructions, plugs, tools, and ???) in this bag with a small amount of space leftover. I triple Ziploc...
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    2014 ES Mods, Custom Designs, Accessories List & Info

    Very nice but... why the Throttle Rocker if you already have Cruise Control. I have owned both types... non-ES and currently ES. I use Cruise Control as often as I can.
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    Greetings from Bogotá

    Welcome to the Forum
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    Mitas E-07 dakar with tubes? Opinions required

    Get rid of the Tubes. More problems than you need. I had a rear flat (nail) that was easily repaired on a dirt road. It would have been a nightmare to repair a tube flat.
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    My Super Tenere

    Nice photos SpaceTraveler. Did you do a write-up on the Mitas E-10's? The E-07 Dakar's made a huge difference for my 2015 ES.
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    Replaced my Rear Disc

    What model year is this Tenere? 142,000 miles... Nice!
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    2019 Super Tenere - anyone hear any rumours ?

    The improvements I would like are... ... Better handlebar position for the average rider. This is based on probably 90% of the Super Tenere's have a riser of some sort. ... Horse Power increase, I don't think so. There are many companies offering to change the ECU mapping which will make the...
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    2019 Super Tenere - anyone hear any rumours ?

    If there aren't any significant improvements for 2019 I will wait until 2020 for a new Look.
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    Hi from Tampabay

    Welcome and Congratulations. Loved Tampa when I was stationed there 1969-70.
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    WHat do you guys think?

    I understand your craving(s). Been wanting something different but I won't get rid of the 2015 Super Tenere ES (yet). This might help you make your decision ride this route on you Super Tenere and while you are enjoying your Huge Smile... ask yourself if the...