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    BMW GS Update

    I would switch for the electric windscreen, the ability to switch from kph to mph, turn signals that switch off automatically, the ability to turn off ABS with a quick tap of the screen and more power. How ever I do like the ease of maintenance and availability of inexpensive accessories for the...
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    BMW GS Update

    Do yourself a favour and just take the 1200 Tiger out for a spin. Either you will love it or hate it, personally I love it. I found the BMW just way too confusing and uncomfortable. Dealer seemed nice though, nothing like what a lot of you have talked about. Mind you we did have a bad experience...
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    Beat my sunset with S10!

    Awesome thread! Going to have to take a few pics so I can join in.
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    S10 to Africa Twin

    The Africa Twin was on my short list but in the end just didn't enough of the road stuff that I wanted. Enjoy, I hope you get her dirty!
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    What are some good motorcycle or other videos/tv series/movies to watch? Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, etc....

    Watch the entire Fortnine videos on you tube! Also look for Forty Times Around and Living Off the Slab, both good and also on You Tube.
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    S10 Hand Guard Extensions

    I finally ended up stopping in here to pick the plastic up. Really nice people, I would highly recommend them.
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    Where to ride in Colorado

    Yup, that is a good base. You can still go up the Million Dollar Highway, Utah is close, Telluride, etc. It will be a good starting place.
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    Riding with a lot of accents: Super Ténéré to Gaspé and Percé, QE

    Haha, yes, she is very loyal and a real beauty! Too funny...
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    Where to ride in Colorado

    I second staying in Montrose, you can also make it out to Silver Jack campground and Reservoir. Lots of great riding out that area.
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    Riding with a lot of accents: Super Ténéré to Gaspé and Percé, QE

    So I gotta ask, who is Liebe? Since you used it and based on what you said your heritage is I assume you know what it means. My reason for asking? I have a GSD named Liebe.
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    what size torx do i need

    I believe it is a 40 or 50 from the security set.
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    Outback Motortek

    I have a similar one from Givi (I think), only had 2 problems with it. I didn't know that the grab bars on the S10 were fastened with a locking hex so had to run back to the parts store to get a specific driver for that. Also, I had issues getting the part off by the exhaust pipe, basically...
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    What do we now think of the bike

    After you wash it can I ride your bike?!
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    Escaped the snow

    Dam that looks nice! Would love to go for a ride out there again.
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    Dear XT. I'm sorry I did this to you

    Why would that be an Epstein joke, he is still alive. Don't worry, it looks like it will buff out ;)
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