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    What's your first bike? With a picture please.

    Did he not like y'all? :D Those thing were dangerous, or could be depending how they were ridden.
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    New Yamaha MT-09!! Made from scratch to replace previous models.

    I thought the '21 looked a lot shorter, but when I checked, the wheelbase is only .4" shorter than the '20. I wouldn't have thought the 900cc class was the future, but maybe Yama-mama knows best.
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    What's your first bike? With a picture please.

    The very first motorized, two wheeled conveyance that I rode, was my mom's Honda Hobbit moped. My first motorcycle, purchased with my money, was a '77 Yamaha XS 360; kickstart only. I might have a picture of me, and the Yamaha; definitely none of me and the Honda. But, this pic is what the...
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    As long as she keeps starting is all that counts. I'm not replacing my OE battery until I have my first starting issue. I do recommend getting a Battery Tender, and using it daily. My battery will be four years old in December, and I have killed it twice. I feel that the 'Tender is the only...
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    tired of chit-chat?- post / view a picture only here.

    All I get is skunks, opossums, armadillos, and the like. Nothing cool like that. The closest I get is a stray horse or cow. :(
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    Overfilled The Oil

    You've been holding out on us. Show us what Yamaha has in store for us in the future. Pictures please. :D
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    S10 vsersus S10 ZE

    Hmmmm. . . . now that you mention it. . . . I don't think that I've seen many problems with the e-suspension. Cruise control is a much more common complaint, and most of those issues are cured with clutch/brake switch cleaning. I'm hoping that the suspension has the standard Yamaha...
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    Overfilled The Oil

    Moi? :rolleyes:
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    Overfilled The Oil

    The front plug would be much easier, and controllable.
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    Wanted: chicken nuggets

    The exercises themselves are not the problem. It's the speed at which they do them, and the weight that they're using. The speed causes loss of form. . . . throw a couple hundred pounds into the mix, and that's where the injuries start.
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    Food Porn

    One of the few foods not on my "get in my belly list". But, my wife gave it a resounding "that's what I'm talking about". Of course she also likes biscuits & gravy, and chicken fried steak. Yeah. . . . she country.
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    Overfilled The Oil

    Yeah, they get thirsty if they spend a lot of time over 80mph.
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    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    Yes. . . . that would require you to have reached master level.
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    Overfilled The Oil

    If it's just over the top line, window covered. . . . magic is right. . . . no worries. My '17 ran the last 6,300 mile that way. 'Cuz, it goes from "not enough". . . . to "well, shit, that's too much" with just a few ounces. If you just have to drain some out. . . . use the front bolt. It...
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    Wanted: chicken nuggets

    Cross fit is ok. . . . if you're under the age of 35. . . . or want to destroy your joints. I told him that I'd push him around in a wheel chair. He reminded me that it wouldn't be the first time.