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    Oil mess.

    Dawn dish soap....for the bike, and your clothes. I use it for everything.
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    Givi engine guards work!

    Woo-hoo!! You're still good and the bike is too. The guards are/were money well spent.
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    ….ES or standard....
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    ….or half a question mark....
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    Is it metric or SAE?
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    Handguard Deflectors

    Are you talking about "additions" to the OE handguard?
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    Welding gloves

    Harbor Freight are the best....for grilling. When my kid crashed with the Mechanix style gloves.....the paramedics cut them off; they stayed in place, without a scratch to his hands.
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    Welding gloves

    I use them when I'm grilling/b-b-q-ing. I use Mechanix gloves for riding. With grip heaters, and hand guards, it allows me to use the lighter gloves.
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    And now, for something totally different.

    I'm not thinking the Chinese, or even Zero, are too worried about H-D getting into the electric field.
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    Super Tenere Break In

    Just don't use the cruise control. Between wind, traffic, and your wrist, the speed will vary all on its own.
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    Good Wishes to Admins and Mods

    So, why don't their birthdays appear in the "birthday" window? But, yes, happy birthday(s).
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    New member from Queensland Aussie

    Welcome from Texas.
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    New member for eastern pa

    Welcome from Texas.
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    Super Tenere Break In

    Welcome from Texas. I'll echo majic, and add no full throttle launches. Just use common sense, and enjoy.
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    Bike got hit parked while I was away

    I only carry liability, and comprehensive on the bike. The way I look at it, with the amount that I save by not have a collision premium, if/when I have a crash that's my fault....I will have saved up enough to repair/replace my bike. On my auto policy, I carry a $50.00 deductible. The annual...
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