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    Madstad question

    The jury is still out on that one as the weather has not permitted me to put enough miles on the Vstream. The Parabellum is a barn door with better than 10 thousand miles of cross-country travel on it. I know that one works & quite well. What I don't know (yet) is if a slightly small tho wider...
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    Madstad question

    this would be the Vstream on a Madstad bracket, Gen. 2 bike: here would be the Parabellum tall while we are at it: 'both fit fine. 'Stiill sorting out which one I like better but no question, the Parabellum is bigger. The Gen. 2 bikes have a different mounting hole set up than the...
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    Question about gen 2 bar mounts.

    I've not tried to pull the mount from below but odds are you'd need one hell of a shim to make much of a difference. I just added the roughly 1" German riser made for the Gen. 2, likely a whole lot easier:
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    Rethinking Farkling

    I go back and forth on that myself. I like the OEM side cases for instance but I can put all I need in a Aerostich seat bag which puts the weight on the seat where it is suppose to go & leaves the bike a lot narrower too. If I were starting over I'd for sure go with the crash bars (tender bits...
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    iPhone handlebar holder..vibration?

    the mount I use has an inner rubber liner that would tend to dampen any vibration but as others have mentioned, most modern phones are not likely to be impacted much by vibration anyway. I've had no problems.
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    Crash bars for a tall guy

    Happy Trail bars. 6'2", no clearance issues at all, VERY robust, well priced:
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    Question: Seat Concept Owners .... Tearing Cover During Install

    I've done a couple of SC seats with a hand stapler, no problem with either. I would think it would be one of two problems: 1. they are compressing it too much, and/or . they have the pressure on their gun a bit too high causing small rips when they go to staple I have no knowledge of the...
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    Ramp question

    I use to use ramps as well as standard trailers when needed to but I never felt good about getting a bike that high up off the ground. Then several years ago I got one of these, a Tailer in a Bag: I takes the bike up maybe 6-8" and...
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    CITY BIKE Tenere review

    'nice piece, 'been awhile since I've seen an S10 write up anywhere. 'Not sure what the problem with keyed case release was (why put it in a hard case if you are not going to lock it?) but I like that 'unassuming' bit, I think it fits. A lot of bikes are all about look-at-me showmanship- the...
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    Farthest Comfortable distance you have rode in 1 day?

    distance is kind of a drug. After a few hours you get into this Zen-like state and can roll up some major miles before you really realize just how tired you really are. I start to notice it late in the day when I feel fine on the bike but at stops start to notice I'm a bit off. That's when...
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    OEM side case mount

    'perfect, thanks & I agree. I'd like something that holds bags but it need not function as a rear crash guard when the bags are off. Those look just about right to me.
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    Windshield Colour....why chose other than clear?

    tint can look cool and in very bright conditions it can cut down on glare/light. I find, however, it's easier to change out sunglasses than it is screens, particularly when you are nowhere near home. Thus I always go clear. There can be an advantage to having lower portions blacked out. The...
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    OEM side case mount

    anybody have a picture of your bike with the OEM side cases with the cases off the bike? I'm thinking of getting some but am not a fan of lots of plumbing always on the side as most of the time I would not have the cases on. The OEM mounts seem to be be a lot less bulky but I've yet to see them...
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    Looking for Pics and input on GPS.

    if you have down loaded the map, I don't think any of the GPS apps require use of data to run. GPS is running on your phone 24/7 unless you turn it off (always triangulating between cell towers). The apps just make use of that location info to place you on the apps map I believe.
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    2014+ Tall Riders ( ~ 6'3") What Windscreen Works For You

    6'2", most of it in the torso so I likely sit more like someone 6'4 or 5. The turbulence when I first bought the bike was horrendous so I put a Parabellum tall on. That took care of that but I was still getting more wind noise that I really wanted on a bike that I ride for hours and hours at a...