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    ST as a track bike ?

    If your interested in going i live in Kennett Square and your more than welcome to stay at my house there is plenty of room here.
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    ST as a track bike ?

    THANKS MC Yes it was at Millville the overhead view is the exit/ entrance bridge. Im gonna try and make the last day in October.
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    ST as a track bike ?

    No not me on YT . I have alot of work done to the bike : Pc flash from AC, headers , Yoshi slipon ,PC5,auto tune,Uni air filter pods and the throttle bodies are synched . I would love to go more but its a little expensive !!
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    ST as a track bike ?

    I took the Tenere to the track last month and had a BLAST! It was my first time so i spent alot of time in the classroom which i also enjoyed. I felt very comfy and i was holding my own in the corners and 135 mph was fast enough for me in the straights!! Has anyone here had there ST at the...
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    Needed a little more air!

    Very nice bars Ace !! I tried a 30mm riser and it made things worse for me. This winter im gonna try bending the stock bars and giving the riser another shot
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    Needed a little more air!

    I thought you meant jumping that bear !!
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    Can i locktite the spokes ?

    My spokes are coming loose at an alarming rate . I check them every couple rides and find at least one loose spoke.I dont ride offroad but i do ride hard, two up , and one trackday at millville NJ ) I loved it and cant waite to go back) any suggestions ...
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    Wanted spoke nut ( the threaded piece)

    I lost a spoke holder does anyone wanna sell one for the rear wheel ? THANKS Lonney
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    (SOLD) 2012 ST - $6500 (17,500 miles, many extras)

    Re: 2012 ST - $6500 (17,500 miles, many extras) BUMP for a killer deal !!
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    Buffeting and starting problems

    I have a 13 with 17,000 miles and i still have the starting problems once and awhile But since i put a full exhaust ,pc5 , air pods ,and adjusted some screw it happens MUCH Less. I cant hear that cct rattiling anymore either !! I always run my rear tire pressure At 42 unless its really hot...
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    Super Tenere Engine: Crossplane?

    They did a great job making it sound and work like a vtwin.
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    ABS Kill Switch - I know it has been covered, but please guide me

    Has anyone pulled the abs switch and rode the bike ? I am doing a track day Monday And and I have to pull the centerstand so that is not an option . I see someone had mentioned that the dash won't work which is ok. Will I see the traction control light to turn it off ? Thanks...
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    RIDE ON skid plates ready, no wait time ! ~THE VAULT ~

    GREAT WORK JAXON !! Maybe Santa will be nice to me this year ? BTW THE UNI FILTERS ARE WELL WORTH THE MONEY !!! ::022::LOV EM !!
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    Tenere overall balance

    I don't notice any pull at all,mine seems to drive straight. I don't have panniers but I do have a full exhaust which is much lighter? Maybe it evens it out