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    Givi PLR2119 Rapid Release Racks vs. SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Side Case Racks for Soft Luggage

    Just tossing out another option. Not quick detachable, but really protects the exhaust and rear of the bike more than normal pannier brackets. I have one Rumbux Endurance Rear protection bar set left for the Super Tenere. $250 shipped to your door. LINK
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    PRICE CUT! Last Set of Rumbux Rear Protection/Soft Pannier Bars

    Bump to top. Still have this one set left.
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    Engine / model question real quick ?!?! Broken engine !

    Welcome to the forum @wibmerjoska - Please take a minute to add your location to your profile. It gives context to your posts and helps others better answer questions you may have. This thread is not the place to ask about side cars. Start a new thread, but also introduce yourself first by...
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    Strange ticking from transmission area.

    @~TABASCO~ Might have a clue. He's had these engines apart more than most.
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    USB Battery Pack Recommendations

    That sucks. They do caution you to immediately un-hook the jumper box after starting the vehicle and to not leave it connected and cranking for over 30 seconds. I'm guessing it just couldn't handle the sustained draw from the foot lift. I guess that would have been a time where jumper cables...
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    Strange ticking from transmission area.

    Welcome to the forum. Please take a minute to add your location to your profile. It gives context to your posts and helps others give you better answers. What year is your Super Ten and how many miles on the bike? Ticking varies with RPM or stays the same, but gets louder? Ticking varies...
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    While I'm being told the deal is done on the electronic side, I have yet to be able to get any paperwork saying I'm receiving the KA instead of the GE. I'm a little worried that the slack jawed sales lackeys are going to drop the ball for a second time. When I agreed to 'exchange' the...
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    Rear brake bar mod

    Thank you for the correction. Edit made.
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    Rear brake bar mod

    There are north of a million miles on brake torque arms replacing the Yamaha design with a steel or stainless steel flat bar. The most common form is 3/16" thick x 3/4 wide flat bar, mounted to the outside of the tabs. It's stronger than the OEM and there have been zero incidents of...
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    If I was single, you can bet the dishwasher wouldn't see much use. (It didn't a decade ago when I was single) But I'm married and we have a service for 10. For the last couple of weeks plus we could have gotten by with a service for two, since we wash everything right after using it. :D...
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    Random Rant Thread (no moto content)

    More appliance fun. GE Dishwasher died for the third time in 8 months. This time it's a control board, so time for a new unit. Did some research, wife wanted to stick with GE because the rest of the kitchen is GE. We're super happy with the Profile range, and honestly the DW worked fine, was...
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    Cutting Board Luggage Rack

    A lot of Marine Supply places carry UHMW as its used a lot in sailing due to the self lubricating properties. It's also very strong since it's considered a fiber reinforced product. I've seen it used as skid plates for 4x4 trucks too. Just another option. Often found in sheets in varying...
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    Food Porn

    Last night's dinner - Shrimp Étouffée I added more sriracha to mine once on the plate to up the heat, and that red on the rice is more cayenne pepper. The Wife likes a little less heat. This was a bit of prep and processes, but worth the results. Really outstanding meal. I had home made...
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    What you did to your Tenere today??!!

    Nice looking product Boris. Too bad the shipping is rather steep at 41 GBP to US or Canada. Makes them about $150 Canadian, depending on VAT.
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    Final Drive Fluid Change

    I would suggest that the dealer isn't going to do anything you aren't already doing. My Gen II bike that I bought with 3k on it had a damaged fill plug, so it's not uncommon. I'd just go after it with your breaker bar and only stop if your allen bit is twisting. You might be able to find...