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    2012 Tenere lighting help

    Awesome! Glad it was an easy fix. Good on you for going after it and finding the issue.
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    Keyless fuel cap?

    I got the knob at Scruggs over in the Barnes Crossing area. I think the Home Depot and Ace would have them too, but I was getting some other fasteners, so just picked up a knob while I was in that section of the store.
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    Used tenere purchase (from FJR)...2012...or....r1200gsa?

    I put 160k on my '04 FJR and have about 150k on the combo of a '12 S10 and a '15 S10. We also have a '16 GSA in the garage at 46k now. Do not buy the used BMW that's out of warranty. Problems can start right around the 36k mark or not. Doing work yourself means very little when it's ABS...
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    2012 Tenere lighting help

    @cqctt - Welcome to the forum. Please take a moment to put your location in your profile, it adds context to your posts and allows readers to give more accurate answers to any questions. Yes, both headlights should actuate as Nikolajsen said. There is a relay for the shutters, but I don't...
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    Engine cutting out

    We often create our own problems. Look hard at that last thing done, the throttle body sync. Did you do this yourself, or have it done? If you had it done, a lot of things could have been altered. Check that the vacuum cap is in place on the throttle side TB and that the hose is in place on...
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    Just bought my first Super Tenere!

    It will just get dirty again. :D This bike tempts you to take all kinds of roads and not roads. Welcome to the forum. Please take a moment to add your location to your profile, it gives context to your posts and makes it easier for people to answer any questions you may have down the road...
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    Keyless fuel cap?

    I keep a knob in the garage kit for doing this on future bikes. I got this one at a local farm supply store that has all the small bins of various repair parts like Ace does. This style feels nice to the fingers and can be used with gloves on due to the shape. I also like the white line...
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    Keyless fuel cap?

    LOL, my user name on ADV is 'Dirtybike'. The tank bag was a SWMotech with the quick release Evo tank ring. That likely did help somewhat, but honestly, when you're riding not a lot of rain hits the tank until it's a real frog strangler. Not that I haven't ridden in plenty of those too. With...
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    Tyre pressures

    My bike was set up for my load. Ohlins 30mm kit in the forks and Touratech shock, sprung for my weight. You're idea of very unsafe is different from mine, as is our experiences. Few tires are cheap. Don't take it personally Chris, you'll never be a contender here in the world of big bikes...
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    Keyless fuel cap?

    Remove the cap, (there is one bolt on the inside of the ring), then drift out the small pin that the flap pivots on. A very small spring and ball will also come out then, so do it over a rag or towel and keep track of those for later use. Edit - You do have to disassemble the cap further from...
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    Leather gloves

    Aerostich has Elkskin Gauntlet gloves that have a retention strap. Velcro and I can attest to then staying on during a long slide down the pavement. The Aerostich Competition Elkskin Ropers also have the same style retention strap. Consider that over the regular Elkskin Ropers. LINK $70 is...
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    Tyre pressures

    It's very subjective. One riders "fully loaded" is a laughably light load to others. My fully loaded puts bike and rider over 1k lbs by a healthy margin. I ran 36F/42R and got tire life like BibBob with more on the rear. 17k miles to the wear bars on an E07 Dakar. Fronts almost always over...
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    Keyless fuel cap?

    Like Patrickg450 I cut down a key, (not an oem one), except that I also removed the flap and put a small plastic knob from the hardware store, (Ace or Home Depot carry them), so that I just left it in the cap. It's too short to work in the ignition. You then always have a keyless gas cap and...
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    what size torx do i need

    Go to Harbor Freight and buy a set. You'll be glad you did later and they are very reasonably priced.
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    Yamaha Super Tenere MOTO-TAG photo game

    Not the Grab. Couldn't get the bike in the pic. Too far from legal road or parking lot.
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