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    Stock headlight caps
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    Stock headlight caps
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    After-market windshields

    I have the Madstad brackets and their 20" shield and they are perfect for me. I'm 6' tall with a 34" inseam and I can keep the shield on just about the lowest position and tilted back halfway and have absolutely no turbulence. I do also have the side deflectors. Now I do have air that comes up...
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    Actual tire mileage

    Thanks for the replies! Well going to get the Terra Force R's for now and try them. My brother has decided he can't make the trip this year so plans have changed. I'm going to see how much abuse these can take and then decide if I'm going to use them or the E-07s for the trip to Alaska.
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    Actual tire mileage

    Well been researching some on the Mitas and can get a set of the Dakar E-07 or the Terra Force R for around $290. But I've noticed they make an E-08 which is in between the two aforementioned, but no one sells them in the U.S. Does anyone know why?
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    Actual tire mileage

    I have read many posts since joining this site and I have been trying to get a good idea for a set of replacement tires for an upcoming trip. This trip will consist of probably over 10,000 miles altogether so tire longevity is a must. So I'm asking for opinions on which tires last the longest...
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    Instability at high speed...

    That's a great video Super08! Got to have some balls to stay on those bikes just to make a video! :D
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    Comfort on the Tenere

    The key to no buffeting with a Madstad is to ride with it as low as possible and tilted more forward than stock. I have the 20" screen and ride with it about a half inch from the bottom most position. For me the top of the screen is right about my mouth. I ride with a Shoei Neotec and can keep...
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    What year?

    Shop around because you can get a new leftover 2016 for just a grand more than that GSA. I just got my 2017 for $14,200 + TTL in Houston. There were quite a few 2016's left around this area and only a few 2017's out yet. ::012::
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    Oil Weight

    10w40 should be fine and if you can find it, a 10w50 might be better for the Texas heat in the summer time, but how often does it get over 110 degrees? I'm in the same situation here in Louisiana and I've been using 10w40 in the S10 and my four wheelers. I do, however, use bike-specific...
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    Any CB Radios on S10? Any Bluetooth CB radios?

    I put the portable Midland 75-322 handheld on mine with a 3' Firestick. The cb is in a tankbag along with a Sena SR10 and I bluetooth it to my Sena 10U in my Shoei helmet. So far it is working good. I wanted the cb to use on my upcoming trip to Alaska in case I can't get cell service and have a...
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    Head light adjustment.

    To add a little note to this thread, to adjust the sideways movement of each side there is a screw at the top of each housing above the dust cover on each side. It is next to a cap about 2 inches. Same 8mm socket will fit this one as well as a Phillips screwdriver. Adjusted mine the other day...
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    Ergonomic | Set up tips

    Just installed the Helibar riser on mine. Worked for me. Took about 45 minutes by the time you read the instructions and all. I had the same problem with my arms being almost straight. I'm 6' with a 34 inseam so now I can sit more upright. Not a big fan of the hose extension that comes with the...
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    2017 Cobalt Blue | AltRiders color

    I would be willing to bet that if you lay it down on the silver bars, you are going to want to touch up the scars on those bars as well! I'm OCD like that! :D