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    Super clean F150 with extras. Price to drop weekly till gone.

    Now $17,995. Found a van so price cut here is $1,000 and will drop weekly till gone. Nearly flawless F150XL 2WD with most of the upgrades to be a XLT. Single owner since new. I love this truck and have it set up for fast conversion from camping to hauling or towing. Never a contractor truck or...
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    The anything thread.

    While I do like Ratbagg's, those girls then need to deal with Thor . . .
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    Todays reading

    Just finished this:
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    A Few DIY Helmet Locking Solutions from $0 to $3

    This is what he is showing in the first photo and I learned my lesson. Left a new high end helmet hanging on the D rings for a couple hours and came back to find just the D-rings. Some thief simply cut the strap so he just had to sew on a new piece with D rings to have my helmet.
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    Site Spam?

    As AvGeek wrote, the filters have been pretty good and what gets to the open forum is a small fraction of what gets stopped or brought to us for approval. Really appreciate those of you who do hit the REPORT click when you see something. Anybody interested in a LOT of Keto ads?
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    The next chapter...KTM Super Adventure S

    When you rode my bike it had the Avon AV53/54 Trail Riders which are a bit more dirt oriented than what you have and have been great on the street. Definitely NOT mud tires but they do great on wet roads and fine on our usual gravel. Let me know if you want to head off on some gravel with it.
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    Ayuda con el tiempo de super tenere 1200

    Per Google Translate: Good evening friends, a very big doubt, I decided to change the coals to the starting gear, I put the motorcycle on its stand, and removed the starting gear, I took it to have the coals changed, but I had to move the motorcycle from the place from the garage, then in the...
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    The 2021 Yamaha Tenere 700

    Yamaha has been testing a touring version of the T7. The big tank is covered with some kind of fabric.
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    That trip didn't go as planned

    Ouch. That sounds painful and will teach you to wear your jacket at all times! :cool: Heal fast
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    Triumph Tiger Rally Pro

    Look for the posts by Helimark about his Tiger. One thing to be aware of about reviews on the Tiger is that when Dirt_Dad and I looked at them we found there are about 5 versions of the same basic bike. High seats versus low, mag versus wire wheels, suspension, etc.
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    2012 Super Tenere - NC - $4500

    GLWS Heck of a price for somebody.
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    Towing 5,000 kg trailer? That 22.5 mpg is a 10,000 mile average which is mostly highway and lightly loaded. Obviously, if I wanted a battery powered trailer tower, the e-car would be the wrong tool for the job and none of the e-pickups are being sold. Yet. So if you want more of an apples to...
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    Totally agree that implementation needs to be practical and the politicians can screw up a 2 car funeral.
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    High front guard to suit the 21" wheel on the WASPmobile..

    Waaaay back when this thread was active in 2012, most of us used Photobucket to host the photos we would post and it was free. Photobucket decided overnight to demand very expensive subscriptions and without payment, they cut users' links so those old photos are gone.
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    Electric vehicles, batteries, and myth busting

    While I agree that more EVs need more energy consumed at the power plants, in the end it is all about miles per gallon or pounds of carbon. No matter how the energy is produced my Ford F150 gets 22.5 mpg and electric car today was showing 221 mpg (equivalent). As for energy production, what...