Author Topic: Weird noise - 6th to 5th downshift  (Read 368 times)

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Re: Weird noise - 6th to 5th downshift
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Some good points on checking the air box. Check also that all the lid screws are seated and the lid is properly sealed.  My ST1300 was making some strange noises (though they at least sounded intake related) and I discovered the shop I'd had it to recently had stripped out most of the screw holes on the housing base.  The screws could no longer be tightened, most had worked loose, and a few were missing.  Like the Super Tenere, they just screw directly into the plastic. Be careful not to overtighten.

As a side note I discovered the Super Ten's airbox lid screws are just slightly larger than the Honda ones.  I ordered a package of them and they worked perfect to re-cut threads in the Honda airbox and tightened down nicely!  Noises gone.
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