Author Topic: The coming economy and us  (Read 8599 times)

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Re: The coming economy and us
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Shrek, you seem like a guy that has been talking to his young children, don't worry, I'm in the same boat. Problem is, the scenario you describe is borderline socialism and the US has been brought up to shun that thought process. I like it, it would be fair as my 7 year old would say, but there is profit in death and suffering.......................... but only for the 1%. So if a billionaire gave up 10% of his/her wealth ($100m) to 100 families, but ensured that the money was put to good use, paid for a house, set up an education trust and so enabling the next generation to prosper under their own steam as it were, would that not be benevolent thing to do? Would they do it? not in my lifetime, boils down to simple human greed.
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Re: The coming economy and us
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I totally agree about helping people. I volunteer a lot and help fund a food bank and training program on the south side of Chicago where most kids have no father and no hope. I spend quite a bit of my time, not riding, but volunteering at several kids camps where they can get some good training and see a different life (well, sometimes I get to ride there) I just don't believe that a government should do it. They have never been good at that throughout history. So, lets all get together and help more people. There is a lot of need. But I also have seen how the handouts have hurt people, because they no longer want to work, but prefer all the free stuff our government gives them. That dos not provide help, it has hurt many more and destroys their dignity. I would prefer we all take on and mentor three people each, and not have the government involved, we can make a difference. But we need a pro business environment with low taxes to make sure there are jobs for all. It can be done, and everyone can prosper.  Let's all find a way to give back, it fires up our individual passion and joy when we do.  Merry Christmas all!  If anyone with trades experience wants to ride to Lake Geneva WI, I have plenty of volunteer work available!  Beautiful ride and good cause...


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