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Re: Vibration
« Reply #15 on: June 10, 2018, 12:50:46 pm »
Yep bike bought.  Have only managed 140 miles or so but I’m pleasingly content with the whole package. Bought the base model as my preference to too much electronics.

From what I’ve experienced, vibrations are barely perceptible and certainly unobtrusive although clearly at this stage, I haven’t been able to explore the feeling at the later stages of the rev range.

As an aside I’ve put three clicks clockwise into the fork rebound to calm the attitude there.

Will report back...

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Re: Vibration
« Reply #16 on: June 12, 2018, 01:12:28 am »
Do have the TB sync'ed if you can.  I do find that the vibes drops off significantly after a sync'ed. 

I did an oil change to something considered a better oil (shell fully synthetic) and found the vibes on the engine did not go away at the 3 to 4k range.  It felt better than with the old oil in. Bike appears to not be as responsive as I remembered, and usually with new oil, there would be significant throttle response improvements.  Last TB sync'ed was 7k km ago.  Found out that the manometer I used for the sync was more than 6" off during the sync.  After sync'ing, the difference were:

1. Certainly more responsive on the throttle
2. No longer felt there was some sluggishness in T mode.  Was contemplating of upping the CO settings due to this symptom.
3. Vibes are gone at the 3 to 4k range, and that translates to a overall smoother ride.
4. Weirdly, the exhaust sounds better and louder on the Akra.  At one point I did noticed the exhaust became less aggressive sounding and more subtle.  Thought I have hearing issues.
5. Back to normal on the off-throttle stumble.  Before sync'ed, it felt as if the reference screw did not have the 3/4 turn out. I somewhat felt the air passages are more restricted.  This was the motivation to use the TB cleaner.

The last time I checked on TB sync was with a 5k km interval and the manometer difference was a mere 1".  What made the 6" difference at 7 k km interval this time was probably due to cleaning out the air bypass passages and entire Throttle plate with TB cleaner.  Nearly had a hard start issue with all the TB fluids so lesson learned is to have the engine running while the cleaning takes place.

This is on a 2012 Gen 1 bike.
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